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    Student feedback: give your opinion

    How satisfied were you about the courses of the second semester? Give your feedback now in the online Student Feedback! 


    Thanks to this survey we are able detect possible bottlenecks. But we certainly also like to receive positive feedback, which supports the lecturers in the quality of their teaching. 

    The survey is carried out electronically >>> PARTICIPATE HERE <<<

    We want to emphasize the complete anonymity of the online survey. The results do not contain any identifying information about you unless you provided such information in an answer to one of the questions in the survey. 

    Since this academic year, instead of filling in the survey, you can also indicate that you have no comments (positive or negative) about a course unit. In this way you do not give detailed feedback, but you can indicate that you are generally satisfied with a course unit. In addition, an opt-out option is also provided, for example if you have not taken a course unit after all and are therefore unable to give feedback. 

    Your opinion as a student is very important! As field experts in the education offered, we would therefore like to ask you to certainly participate in the Student Feedback. A broad participation is essential to strengthen that opinion. 

    In case of any problems you can contact studentenfeedback@vub.ac.be