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    Online exams on campus?

    Apply on time (Deadline: May 17)

    To limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the exams in the June term will be organised online as much as possible. Students who, due to certain circumstances, are not able to take their exam in a quiet space at home can contact Study Guidance.

    The application for an examination desk on-campus has been extended until 17 May 2021. You can apply by filling out this online form.

    Places are limited and are reserved for students with the greatest need:

    • Students with a Reflex Statute.

    • Students who, due to privacy issues, prefer not to take an exam with webcam supervision.

    • Students who due to internet or computer problems are unable to take an exam at home or on their own laptop. (You can also borrow a laptop from VUB; more info).

    • Students who do not have a quiet place at home where they can take the exam.

    • Students who, due to socio-emotional, family, psychiatric or medical circumstances, need an exam location on campus.

    • Students who have an exam on campus as well as an online exam, and don't have enough time to switch locations in between.

    Online exams taken on campus are of course subject to strict measures regarding hygiene and social distancing. You take the exam on your own laptop or on a VUB laptop, under supervision of an invigilator.

    Toilet break during exams

    Students who need a toilet break during an exam for to medical reasons need to submit a medical certificate and the overview of the courses for which they want to request a toilet break to Study Guidance. You can e-mail this to reflex@vub.be. The deadline is May 1.