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    Coronavirus: measures will be relaxed as of 19 April


    After consultations with the Minister of Education and based on the decisions taken by the Federal Government on 14 April, relaxations for higher education are possible as of 19 April.

    These are the planned changes/ relaxations:

    • A maximum occupancy of 20% on campus on top of the essential lectures, lab sessions and exercise sessions. 

    • We will try to give priority in the planning to programmes that did not have a campus moment yet. Unfortunately, this has not always been possible so far. 

    • This relaxation does not apply to lectures with large student numbers, so only for essential lectures, lab sessions and exercise sessions for which the number of students ≤ 65. This allows us to guarantee the 1/5th occupancy rate and your safety. 

    • The campus moment involves a maximum of two trips to campus per week. This means two classes on one day or two classes spread over two days.

    • If the equipment of the classroom allows it, we will also offer the classes in a hybrid format, so that students who cannot travel can also attend.

    • These relaxations will start in the week of 26 April at the latest. The campus activities can start in the week of 19 April as long as the timetables are ready. 

    • There is currently no clarity on the organisation of student activities. We are waiting for the next consultation and expect to be able to answer your requests from the end of April. So, there is no point in submitting a request beforehand. 


    Make sure to keep an eye on your timetables in the coming days. Your faculty will gradually adapt them to the new situation.

    Are there any specific changes for you? If so, your faculty, study programme or lecturer will keep you informed.