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    Results: calling students to find out how they're doing

    In March, we called a lot of you to find out how you are doing. The general conclusion? The corona situation is a heavy weight to carry. Many of you don’t feel as good as you did before the pandemic and experience mostly mild psychological complaints, such as feeling gloomy and restless. 

    VUB cares about you!  

    140 VUB master’s students in psychology were trained and supported by professionals to conduct a phone survey. The master’s students talked to over 7100 fellow students during the month of March, reaching around 50% of our student population.  


    The results of the phone survey:  

    • 25%no psychological complaints 

    • 55%very mild psychological complaints, for example “I’ve felt gloomy in the last 30 days. 

    • 18%moderate to severe psychological complaints, for which professional help is recommended. Whoever felt this way, was informed about the support options 

    • 2%more severe complaints, such as overwhelm, crisis and suicidal thoughtsThese students, with their permission, will be contacted again for further psychological assistance. 

    These are the first, raw results. Researchers will now examine them in more detail.  

    Leave No One Behind 

    It’s obviously a difficult time to be a student. Would you like to talk to someone or are you in need of support? Make sure to check the ‘Leave No One Behind’-page to find all the well-being initiatives for and by students 


    Do you have any questions about the call campaign? Ask them via vubgeeftomjou@vub.be.