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    VUB remains cautious with campus activities as of 22 March

    As of Monday 22 March, we will welcome some students on campus again. In our joy for this reunion, we remained careful. Therefore, we have been very cautious in our preparations for next week.

    Of course, we will closely monitor the media coverage, in which the evolution of the corona pandemic is currently a point of attention. We also understand that the federal government will meet on Friday to discuss the situation.

    We have been very cautious concerning the possibilities to relax certain measures as of 22 March:

    • Even during the 'busiest' times, we remain well below 20% of our campus capacity.

    • We have done our best to plan an on-campus class for those who have not yet had a campus moment. Those who already had on-campus classes will not get extra moments just yet. We remain cautious and will keep the occupancy of classrooms and our campus low.

    We hope to be able to maintain this approach, but we are also aware of the rising COVID numbers. This whole situation remains dynamic. It can change if the government decides impose stricter measures.

    As soon as there is any news, you will read about it on student.vub.be.