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    EUTOPIA presents … EUTOPIA!

    What is EUTOPIA?

    EUTOPIA is an alliance of 6 likeminded universities ready to reinvent themselves: Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, CY Cergy Paris Université, University of Warwick, University of Gothenburg, University of Ljubljana and of course our Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Together, these 6 pioneers valiantly tackle the immense challenge of building the university of the future.
    And construction works are well underway. The core of a future-proof university? Connected Learning and Knowledge Communities! These are interuniversity networks of staff, students and stakeholders engaging in cross-campus learning and teaching activities in close interaction with research agendas of the EUTOPIA partner universities. In short: Connected Learning and Knowledge Communities enable a unique university experience for students as well as for staff, in a participatory and co-created learning journey.
    So how can you get involved in this journey to the future? Glad you ask!

    EUTOPIA activities for students

    • EUTOPIA week 3: 12 – 16 April 2021

      • Save the date! During EUTOPIA weeks, all EUTOPIA partner universities come together to celebrate the existence of our alliance. University of Gothenburg follows in CY Paris Cergy and University of Warwick’s footsteps, and takes on the daunting task of hosting the third EUTOPIA week from 12 – 16 April. During this virtual week, you’ll be able to join a plethora of activities such as student fora, thematic conferences, noon talks and other interactive webinars. And our VUB campus gladly joins in on the festivities. Make sure to visit VUB’s restaurant, for example, and enjoy a different EUTOPIA menu every day. Stay tuned for the detailed program!

    • Summer schools in all corners of Europe, oftentimes with special prices for EUTOPIA students (and thus VUB students). Enjoy the summer of 2021 with:

    • EUTOPIA Student Career Ambassadors Workshops

      • Working closely with our partner universities' Career Centers, the EUTOPIA Student Career Ambassadors have made it their mission to prepare you for the ever-changing, perhaps slightly daunting, landscape which is the job market. Ranging from sessions dedicated to the EPSO selection processes, to science communication, to jobhunting, the Student Career Ambassadors are here to coach you!

    • EUTOPIA Science Fair

      • EUTOPIA equals innovation. A bold statement, and as a true VUBer, you of course need proof. Just visit the virtual EUTOPIA Science Fair, and let EUTOPIA’s researchers amaze you with the multidisciplinary research questions which keep them awake at night.

    More information

    Hungry for more? Do keep an eye on this page, as EUTOPIA regularly offers new opportunities to get involved. And for an update on EUTOPIA events, this page is your primary source. Or don’t hesitate to contact the EUTOPIA secretariat (eutopia@vub.be) with any and all questions you may have.
    And don’t forget: you’re a VUBer, so you’re also a EUTOPIAn!