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    Campus moments as of 22 March

    We can finally relax some measures as of 22 March. Therefore, we are very pleased to announce an upcoming on-campus moment for as many students as possible. Of course, we will do this in a corona safe way.

    We’ve been apart for a long time, and we haven’t even met a lot of you. We hope to change this now.

    The faculties have decided to try to organise campus moments for as many students as possible. Although we know that this will not be possible for all programmes yet. After all, we are still bound by restrictions:

    • A maximum occupancy of 20% on campus
    • The limited capacity of our classrooms, when only 1 out of 5 seats can be occupied

    We will do our utmost best to plan something for you as well. To check whether your programme is planning on-campus moments, keep a close eye on your timetable next week.

    Together for a safe new start

    If we all approach this wisely, 22 March 2021 could be the beginning of more. Therefore, please continue to pay close attention to the safety measures and follow the instructions of those who are committed to your safety.

    • Keep a safe distance, both inside and outside
    • Wear a face mask, both inside and outside
    • Wash/disinfect your hands regularly
    • Clean your workspace after every class
    • Check in via the provided QR-codes when you enter a room
    • Report your infection to coronavirus@vub.be so we can conduct contact tracing

    Of course, we respect that not everyone wants to or can participate. Should you miss a class with compulsory attendance and no digital alternatives, please submit a medical certificate to your faculty.

    Meeting up to 10 people outside (from a safe distance) is currently allowed, however organised activities are still prohibited. Those who can’t wait to light the campfire or the barbecue on the campus still have to be patient.

    The campus moments will require a shift and effort from all of us, but we believe in the importance of these moments. Stay healthy, keep your head up and hopefully see you very soon!