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    Possible ‘on campus’ education as of 15 March

    On Friday 5 March, the Federal Government announced a cautious relaxation in the COVID-19 measures in higher education as of 15 March. VUB is looking forward to on campus activities. It will carefully implement this per faculty, gradually and safely.

    On Monday evening 8 March, the VUB board met to discuss the government's decision. On Thursday 11 March, the possible relaxations will be the main point at a meeting of all faculties. Educational organisation is their role and responsibilty.

    The practical situation and needs of each faculty are different. VUB will therefore organise the possible relaxations at that level, and tailor the approach to each discipline. This will be done gradually, with an absolute priority for safety.

    What this means for you has thus not yet been decided. It may be possible that there will be some ‘live’ activities after 15 March. It may as well be possible that you have the wait quite some time as well. Keep an eye on the faculty communication channels, including the class schedule.

    In any case, we are looking forward to meeting you again 'in real life and time'. When this will be, has not been determined yet.