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    Mandatory registration of outgoing mobility in SOP Mobility Online

    As of March 2021, all outgoing students who are planning to go abroad for studies, traineeships, field work, group mobility, thesis preparation, etc. will have to register in SOP Mobility Online to receive academic or administrative approval, based on the type of mobility. Outgoing PhD students who are not in TEO (M&O database), will equally have to register but only their Travel Log (more details below). Depending on the purpose and content of your trip abroad, regardless of the duration (being it 1 hour or a full academic year), a registration link to SOP Mobility Online will be sent to you:

    • All outgoing students who are going abroad in the framework of their VUB curriculum while receiving a scholarship (see table below) will receive a link to register in SOP Mobility Online from the International Relations office (IRMO), after the student has been officially nominated for the exchange by the faculty towards IRMO (annually mid-March). More information on this method of being nominated, can be found on the Go Abroad pages.

    • All outgoing students who are going abroad without any scholarship (see table, with exception of those students who are on a reserve list for a scholarship), will receive a link to register in SOP Mobility Online from their respective tutor, exchange coordinator, faculty administration. More information can be obtained from the responsible person at your faculty.

    After receipt of the registration link to SOP Mobility Online, and having successfully registered, you will be able to log-in and you will be guided through the steps that follow. This registration is mandatory.

    Entering a travel log in SOP Mobility Online

    During your stay abroad in the host country, VUB remains concerned about the wellbeing of its students. In order to act quickly in case of a crisis (natural disaster, social unrest…), VUB would need to have an overview of students who are on an exchange.

    Therefore, we require students to enter a travel log as soon as travel details are known (during the academic year for short-term mobilities, after first-session exams or after re-sit exams). Entering of this travel log is mandatory, also for daytrips, and are preferably entered a month before the actual departure (students having re-sit exams can enter the travel log right after the deliberation period).

    The student will receive information from SOP Mobility Online on how to enter the travel log. By entering the travel log, the student indicates s/he is currently abroad for his/her exchange (not taking into account any holidays the student would take before or after the exchange).

    Please find clarifications on which category you might belong to in the PDF file below.