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    Free online mindfulness

    What is mindfulness?

    The long-term isolation imposed as a result of the strict coronavirus measures has forced us into a new way of living. This requires a change of reality for all of us. And that’s not always easy for everyone. Social interaction in the past months has been at a minimum, creating a sense of loneliness that can lead our minds to lose the focus they need to properly carry out our daily tasks and activities.

    During this series of online meditation sessions, you will be shown how to develop constructive and positive thoughts that can increase your feelings of wellbeing. Through the methods of Gregory Parry from the Wellness Foundation, we will provide more understanding of our emotions, improve our mental resilience, ensure better sleep and boost our creativity and effectiveness.

    Specific aims of this series:

       1. Better posture
       2. How to apply the correct breathing techniques
       3. Better control of emotional influences
       4. Strong “mind management”
       5. A better work-life balance

    How to take part? 

    The sessions are exclusive and free. Join them via the following Teams links:​​​​​​​

    From 16 November to 18 December: morning, midday or evening session:

    ► Morning sessions (8.00): Click here to join the meeting
    ► Midday sessions (12.30): Click here to join the meeting
    ► Evening sessions (17.30): Click here to join the meeting

    (NEW!) Winter holiday:

    ► Monday 21 December (17.30): Click here to join the meeting
    ► Monday 28 December (17.30): Click here to join the meeting

    (NEW!) January

    ► Every Friday in January and including the lecture-free week (17.30): Click here to join the meeting

    What do I need to take part?

    A PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a good connection to Teams via internet, 4-10m² free space anywhere in the world, and an hour of free time to spend on one of the three daily moments each weekday when the mindfulness streaming take place… and you’re ready to join in!

    NB: These lessons will mainly take place in English.

    Want more? 

    In this time when options for sport are limited to our homes, or with a maximum of four people outdoors, the sports department is offering a number of variants via the online Sport!Mix. This includes Pilates, Yoga, Bodymix and other fun digital variations. So you’ll have the opportunities you need to move each week to stay mentally and physically strong this autumn. No access to the Mix activities? Then there is the free weekly Pilates session via Teams for students.

    Check www.vub.be/sport for more details of VUB’s sports offer in the coming