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    VUB starts academic year in code yellow

    The academic year will start on Monday, 21 September. That will be under code yellow. That means that education on campus in auditoriums and classrooms, on external locations as well, will take place with an occupancy rate of 50% and teachers and students have to wear face masks.

    Why code yellow?

    It’s incredibly important that you and your professors can meet each other, and that you can meet your fellow students. It’s essential that the relationship not solely exists virtually.

    VUB should not and cannot ignore the rising corona numbers. Young people are also hit by the COVID-19 virus and as a university, we have to take our responsibility to help stop the spread of it. That’s why we are preparing to switch gradually to code orange after that first week of class. Practically, that means that the following weeks, we will switch to an occupancy rate of 20% in all auditoria.

    Being a Brussels university, we receive instructions from the federal and Flemish government, the Brussels-Capital Region and the municipalities. This is a special political context which cannot be compared to other university cities. For that reason, we keep up to date with current events in our own city and region together with ULB and the other universities, and at the same time, we search for balance between your education, public health and the well-being of all of you.

    What does code orange imply?

    Code orange only impacts the number of students in the auditoriums and other classrooms. Only 20% of the auditoriums’ capacity will be used (as opposed to 50% under code yellow).
    - In the auditoriums, one in five seats will be occupied. Everyone must wear a face mask.
    - In the case of classes in a smaller group, one in two seats are occupied if everyone wears a face mask, one in five seats are occupied if students don’t wear a face mask.
    - In the case of practical classes and lab exercises, all seats in the classroom can be taken, but everyone must wear a face mask.

    Follow the safety measures

    On campus

    ● Always keep your distance from others.
    ● Wear a face mask at all times. Outdoors as well as indoors. 
    ● Wash your hands regularly.

    During classes

    ● No drinking or eating during class.
    ● Wear a face mask at all times.
    ● Notify your teacher if you want to get up or leave the room.

    Disinfect your working space before/after class

    ● Disinfection products are available in every classroom.

    If you test positive for COVID-19

    ● Notify us immediately on info@vub.be
    ● Are you sick? Don't hesitate: stay at home.

    It is also important that everyone continues to follow the rules to ensure their own and each other’s safety. We ask each one of you to take your responsibility for this. For your own safety, that of your loved ones, fellow students, housemates and teachers.

    Still have a question?

    Do you have a question concerning events, student housing...? Read our FAQ