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    Update travel policy

    VUB travel policy follows the guidelines of the Belgian Foreign Affairs Department.  ​​​​​​​

    Travelling in Europe: students

    The Belgian government regularly adjusts its travel policy to European countries. Consult the Foreign Affairs website to find out whether it is possible to travel to countries within the European Union, including the United Kingdom and the four other Schengen countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway).

    You should also find out about the specific measures in place to enter a particular country and comply with the instructions that apply, for example, to quarantine in the country of destination and its security measures. The VUB clarifies this with a detailed colour code: 

    Green zones

    There is no problem and there are no restrictions to travel; the exchange is allowed.

    Orange zones

    => Orange type A)

    The Belgian authorities are warning and asking for vigilance because, from a Belgian point of view, the level of infection in this region is high. There may be restrictive measures. 

    => Orange type B

    The government of your host country of destination imposes measures for entry from Belgium as this may pose a risk. Restrictive measures are in place.

    In both types, the exchange is allowed but we inform students about the possible restrictions and measures. Group travel, fieldwork and excursions are not allowed.

    Red zones

    => Red type A

    The Belgian authorities are banning travel to these regions because the level of infection is too high and there are too many local restrictions.

    The VUB does not allow these exchanges. Group travel, fieldwork and excursions are not allowed.

    => Red type B

    The government of your host country prohibits entry from Belgium. The exchange will only be permitted if the host country makes an exception for entry for study purposes. Group travel, fieldwork and excursions are not allowed.

    ​​​​​If a country or region is on the Belgian government's red list (colour code Red Type A), students are not allowed to travel to these areas within the framework of VUB activities.

    As the situation can change daily, it is important that students travelling abroad consult the website of Foreign Affairs BEFORE purchasing travel tickets and booking accommodation.

    Travelling outside Europe: students

    The VUB is following the Belgian authorities. Travel to countries outside the EEA is not allowed.

    Incoming students at the VUB

    Students who come to the VUB from EEA and non-EEA countries are welcome, and should follow the instructions on the website of Foreign Affairs strictly as well as those of their home country before travelling to Belgium. Once here, they must follow the quarantine and testing guidelines according to their country of origin. They must also be able to submit their contract or letter of acceptance to the VUB as proof.

    ​​​​​For the latest updates on the federal government's travel policy, we recommend that you regularly consult the website of Foreign Affairs.