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    Travel policy update

    Consult the latest updates on the travel policy of the Belgian government on the website of Foreign Affairs.


    Belgium has opened its borders for travel inside the European Union, including the UK, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway. This means that students from these countries are allowed to travel to the VUB. Whether VUB students are allowed to travel to the above-mentioned countries depends on the travel policy of the countries and the travel advice from the Belgian government. Check the website of foreign affairs for the latest updates and travel advice. Traveling to countries on the red list of the Belgian government for VUB activities is not allowed. 


    Belgium has not opened it’s borders to people traveling from non-EU countries. VUB follows the Belgian authorities closely and will therefore maintain its currently travel advice, which remains in place until 20 August, until further notice.

    Regarding any travel within the EU and to the other Schengen countries, members of staff wishing to travel to these MUST apply for academic leave (via TEO). They must also inform themselves with regards to any specific measure that are in place in terms of supplying a ‘health certificate’ indicating they are covid19-free. Equally, they must respect the instructions that are in place regarding e.g. quarantine in the country of destination, as well as the usual safety measures.

    The following is not allowed (for the time being) until 20 August 2020

    • Fieldwork abroad
    • Group tours (excursions)
    • Invite a guest lecturer from outside the countries listed above to come to VUB during the defined period above.
    • Study trips, attending conferences, etc. in countries outside those listed above

    For all other countries that are not in the lists above, the basic principle remains in place: the VUB will not allow staff or students to travel abroad for study and/or research purposes until 20 August 2020.

    For academic year 20-21 VUB cancelled all outgoing student mobility during the first semester to non-EU countries and countries that received code red from the Belgian government.  VUB students are only allowed to go on exchange to a country inside the European Union, including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway that are not on the red list of the Belgian government. Students can contact their exchange coordinator to request to move their exchange to the second semester (if allowed by the programme) and/or to change host institution.