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    Fraiteurbridge closes for renovation

    Fraiteurbridge closes for renovation on June 20 and gets a new bike lane and sidewalk.

    The Fraiteur bridge is located right on the route between VUB and ULB-Solbosch. It was a dangerous obstacle for pedestrians and cyclists. And a bottleneck for bus 71. From June, 20th onwards, the bridge will be closed for renovation. The bridge deck itself will be widened to make it easier for buses to cross, pedestrians and cyclists will have more room. At the end of the works in September, the bridge will become a one-way street, only traffic in the direction of Delta/VUB will be allowed. 

    If you want to go in the direction of Solbosch by car, you will have to drive along Generaal Jacques or Kroonlaan. The aim of this one-way traffic is to reduce the traffic pressure on the surrounding area (Cemetery but also Pleinlaan!). Bus traffic (e.g. line 71) remains in both directions.