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    Feedback digital semester

    After deliberation with the Student Council, the Academic Council decided today not to organise a ‘classical’ student survey. Both students and lecturers will be surveyed on their experiences with the digital semester instead.

    Usually, the opinion of the students regarding VUB education is surveyed after every semester through standardised surveys: the ‘student feedback’. However, this semester was anything but usual. Requesting feedback via a survey that does not take into account the drastically changed context seems of little use. Today, as the VUB, we predominantly need a targeted research on the impact of corona on our education.

    In the next phase, students and lecturers will be surveyed on their experiences with the digital semester. What went well, what went wrong? What do you want to keep, what would you rather see dismissed? But also: do we see an effect on participation numbers and pass marks of the examination periods? And how do these numbers relate to the (experiences with) the alternative teaching and evaluation methods? Finally, an investigation will be made into which lessons we can draw, as a university, in relation to the reasoned and effective embedding of online education.  Which recommendations, in that respect, can be made to the policy makers on a central, faculty and study programme level?

    We expect the results of this survey by the end of this year. In the meantime, we highly recommend all students and lecturers to participate in the survey that is due to launch after the exams!