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    Technical problems during online exams


    What should I do if a technical problem arises?

    The lecturer will notify the student which channel of communication they can use in the event of technical problems (telephone, chat of email). If technical problems arise, you should get in touch with the lecturer immediately.

    • So if you encounter a technical problem during an online exam, you need to notify your professor immediately! If you wait longer than 15 minutes to report the problem, the exam will be considered to have been aborted. The questions answered up to that point will be marked. You can contact your professor by telephone or chat (if available), unless you professor gave other guidelines on Canvas. 

    • Where technical problems with a written online exam are concerned, the lecturer may decide to continue the exam orally.

    • If it concerns technical problems with a computer or Internet connection, the lecturer may decide to move the exam to another device (telephone, for example).

    Bathroom breaks

    (this does not apply to students who have requested reflex measures for this)

    • Exams lasting 2 hours or less: we advise you to remember to take a bathroom break beforethe exam. No bathroom break is allowed during these exams.

    • Exams lasting 2½ or 3 hours: a bathroom break is allowed during these exams. Do ask the lecturer or invigilator for permission. In the case of an exam through Respondus Monitor, mention this on camera.

    In the case of some long online exams, the lecturer will divide the exam into two parts, with a five-minute break in between.


    The lecturer will report any technical problem they experience as quickly as possible and inform students what the next steps will be. If the lecturer can't reach the students, the lecturer will inform the dean of their faculty.

    If the examiner does not inform the student of technical problems on their side (Art. 111 § 4 OER), the exam regulations concerning the arrangement provided for shall lapse after a waiting time of one hour. The student shall inform the dean without delay who shall, without prejudice to the provisions in Article 106§4, in consultation and agreement with the student, draw up a new exam regulation.

    We do recommend that there is always an extra person present to support the lecturer. This person has telephone contact with the lecturer. This person can also help the student if there are any problems with the examiner.


    Do students have the right to a catch-up exam?

    There's no right to a catch-up exam, just because you have technical difficulties. Students have the right to request a catch-up exam, in the case of absence due to force majeure. A catch-up exam may be organised if it is possible in terms of organisation. The examiner will decide on how it should be set up (Art. 111 OER).

    Internet problems?

    Check here for more info.