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    Be alert for phishing

    Not all e-mails are friendly: manage your inbox is vital.

    VUB was recently hit by a successful phishing attack. ICT reacted promptly, but it is clear that cyber criminals are trying to take advantage of the current situation. Staying alert is the message. Our financial administration asks people to be vigilant. Companies do not just change their bank account number.

    Did you get a message regarding a so-called change of bank account number? Verify it by phone. And check the so-called phone number on the website first as well. Never send your personal bank account number to the financial administration. instead, change it in TEO, under 'my profile'.

    Recently, cyber criminals obtained several (student and staff) passwords. These passwords were used to send extra phising e-mails. People trusted them because they were sent from a familiar VUB e-mail account.