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    Illness during the exams

    What if I'm ill during the exams?

    Report your illness to the faculty secretariat. During the exam period, reports of coronavirus infections should also be made to the faculty secretariat. In the case of force majeure, you can ask to reschedule your exam.

    How can I reschedule my exam in the case of force majeure?

    Attention! Quarantine after staying abroad is not considered a case of force majeure.

    1. Fill in your faculty’s form. You will find this on the website of your faculty.

    2. Submit this to the faculty secretariat no later than the day of the exam.

    3. Submit valid proof of force majeure (sick note, death notice) no later than 3 calendar days after the date of the exam to the faculty secretariat.

    Ensure you also check your faculty’s additions to the education and exam regulations or the specific information on your faculty’s website.

    I feel ill but I still feel good enough to take the exam.

    Is your exam online? Then you can still take it. 

    Is your exam on campus or another location? Then you're not allowed to come. The current government regulations are clear: stay at home if you are sick.