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    FAQ Respondus LockDown Browser

    What if I don't have a computer - webcam - quiet room?

    The VUB guarantees that all students will have the necessary facilities at their disposal. Request an exam seat on campus through this online form (deadline 17 May 2021). More information here.

    Where can I download the LockDown Browser?

    Download the LockDown Browser through this link. Note: do not retrieve the installation files from any other source. These installation files are specific to the VUB.

    Where can I get technical help to install the Respondus Lockdown Browser?

    Contact helpdesk@vub.be as soon as possible, or contact the Respondus Helpdesk directly.  

    What should I do if my computer freezes during an exam?

    Restart the computer (if possible) and relaunch the LockDown Browser. Then go back to your exam. You can continue where you left off. Canvas remembers all the answers you gave until then. Your 'absence' from the exam will be noted, so report the reason for your absence through the webcam once you are back in the exam. Contact your instructor on the telephone number provided if it has caused you to run out of time. The teacher can add extra time if necessary.

    Does sound also get recorded?


    What about my privacy?

    The VUB uses the monitor data solely for the purpose of fraud prevention. Only your lecturer has access to the data which will be retained for a maximum of three months after the current academic year ends, in accordance with the Education and Examination Regulations.

    How do I know how much time I have left to finish my exam?

    There is always a countdown timer in the exam which shows how much time you have left. When the time is up, the exam is automatically submitted (of course you can also submit earlier if you have finished). If you are distracted by the countdown timer, you can also hide it.

    Can I enlarge the text on my screen in the Respondus Lockdown Browser (for students with a Reflex-status)

    Yes. If you are working on a Windows computer, click on the 'i' icon in the LockDown Browser toolbar. A new screen will open in which you can adjust the ‘Zoom level’. Don't forget to click on 'apply' afterwards. You can also use the hotkey ‘ctr’ plus ‘+’. For Mac, use ’System Preferences > Accessibility > Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom' to enable the shortcut to zoom in. You can use this shortcut to zoom in during the exam.

    Who should I contact when I experience a technical difficulty while starting the program?

    When you're having trouble to start the program, you can contact the helpdesk of Respondus. They are available via chat 24/7 through the helpbutton. Please note that contact with the Respondus helpdesk is only possible in English. If you can't fix your problem with help of the Respondus helpdesk, contact your teacher as soon as possible. 

    What else should I think about during the exam period? 

    • Make a back-up of your computer regularly. You're using your computer a lot and it has to process a lot so problems can always happen. So make a back-up to avoid losing important files. Use One-Drive linked to your VUB-account to save documents.

    • Make sure to install Respondus before the exams start and test it out, in order to avoid any surprises during your exam. Important: If you've installed LockDown Browser in the previous exam period, make sure to update itClick in the taskbar in the top right corner on the information icon and click "check for the newer version". (see a printscreen).

    • LockDown Browser doesn't work if you've installed a Virtual Machine. A Virtual Machine, like Bluestacks, makes sure you can use your mobile apps (such as Whatsapp) or other operating systems on your computer. You'll need to remove these in order to use LockDown Browser. Contact helpdesk@vub.be if you need help with this. Afterwards, make sure to test if LockDown Browser works via this test.

    I want to log in at the Respondus LockDown Browser but I can't type '@'. What should I do? 

    This is indeed an annoying problem that happens a lot. You can get around this by copying the '@' from the email adress of the helpdesk, which you can find below on the login page. If this doesn't work, try this: ALT+64. Press ALT and keep pressing it while typing 64 on your numeric keypad. Let go of the ALT button and an @ should appear.

    Can an iPad be used to take a LockDown Browser exam?

    Yes, the iPad Edition of "LockDown Browser" available from the Apple App Store enables you to use an iPad to take exams that require LockDown Browser. However, your instructor must first select a setting that permits the use of iPads for the exam. More information can be found here

    What exactly is recorded during the exam by Respondus Monitor?

    Respondus Monitor records both audio and video. At the end of the exam, this data is used for fraud detection purposes only. In accordance with the Education and Examination Regulations, these are stored for a maximum of three months after the end of the current academic year.

    What is expected at the time of the environment check?

    You make a recording of the room in which you are by using the webcam to film the room and your desk in about 10 seconds. Make sure that it is clear what exactly is on your desk and that there are no other persons or unauthorized aids in the room. Note: whether or not there should be an environment check is set by the teacher when creating the test. As such whether or not an environment check is required may vary per exam.

    What is the difference between the security steps 'student photo' and 'student ID'?

    With the student photo the webcam makes a recording of your face. Make sure you are clearly visible in the picture. With the student ID, the webcam takes a picture of your student card. Keep your student card clearly visible in front of the webcam. Your entire student ID should be in the picture, not just the photo on your student ID.

    At what point does the exam time start?

    The time starts running as soon as you actually start the exam. The time you spend starting the LockDown Browser does not count.

     I'm taking the exam and suddenly a technical problem appears (my LockDown Browser blocks, my internet connection is lost,...), which forces me to turn off the system. Have I lost all my answers now?

    No, you haven't. Canvas remembers the answers you've already entered. You log in again and can continue where you left off.

    As soon as I press the ´start exam´ button, I am no longer able to access the chat function.

    You have to press the link in the general exam instructions to open the chat window. This will be presented in a shorted-form via a tinyurl-link. When you are asked if you "definitely want to leave this window", click OK and the chat window will appear.

     I would like to skip a question, is this possible?

    Yes if the lecturer has enabled this option, it is possible to skip a question and answer another question first. In other words, you can go from one question to another and go back to a previous question. Be careful: it's possible that the lecturer doesn't enable this option. Make sure to check the exam instructions.

     How are the exam answers submitted?

    When you have finished filling in the questions, press the 'Submit test' button at the bottom. Your answers are then submitted.

    I want to inform the teacher or supervisor that I encountered a (technical) issue during the exam. How do I proceed?

    In case of problems, you should always inform the teacher or supervisor as soon as possible and at the latest within 15 minutes of the issue occurring. Please contact them by phone at the number mentioned in the exam instructions in Canvas. Can't reach the supervisor right away? If so, please leave your telephone number so that the exam supervisor can call you back.

    I have another question.

    Check the FAQ from our ICT-Helpdesk.