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    Deadline special housing request VUB-room


    01/05/2020 is the deadline to turn in your special housing request for a VUB-room, via special housing procedure.

    Students can be given priority to receive a VUB dorm room through a special procedure. This is only possible when a VUB room is essential for being able to successfully begin or complete the studies. Proof must be given that not having a VUB room will make your studies impossible. Especially medical and physical limitations or social or psychological reasons can be considered. Financial arguments are not considered in this procedure: students in financial need can call upon other support.

    In the current circumstances, it is not possible to pass by the social service office. To apply for the special procedure you need to email the application form and documents that prove your particular situation to studentenstatuut.studiefinanciering@vub.be. It's also possible to make an appointment in our online calendar to discuss your specific situation.