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    Student council speaks: Sofie Férauge

    Who are you and why did you join student council?

    I am Sofie Férauge, the president of student council. I applied as a candidate because Lise (the president of last year) convinced me to do so. I was already a member of the education council for some years and was already active in various student associations. It seemed like something very interesting to me!

    What are your main tasks as president?

    My main tasks are to see the bigger picture, help out in crises and to love my team. I am the chairman of the plenary meetings, who are open for all students, so don’t hesitate to drop by!

    What would you like to accomplish?

    There are some projects that are really important to me. The newly installed BBQ zone at the student restaurant is something I am thrilled about! I would also love to install public sanitary at campus and if possible a student bar as well.

    What are you really passionate about besides student council?

    I am very interested in aluminium, given my studies (chemical engineering). I also really love the student associations, where I met some of my best friends.