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    Be bright - use a light!

    Cycling in Brussels is booming. And we love the fact that you stay on your bike during winter time. However, 14% of cyclists still ride without a bike light. This becomes extra dangerous at the end of the year, as darkness comes one hour earlier due to winter time. You might think you’re visible in the city lights, but you’re not. That’s why you should always ride with a bike light, because you’re good looking, but only if we can see you. Join the Brussels Bike organisations at free breakfast, and get one of the super handy bike light kits. Come light up your life on November12th from 7:30-9:00 (or until everything is distributed).

    The VUB repairshop welcomes you along the crossroad Boulevard General Jacques-Waversesteenweg. In Jette, you can pass at Belgica, but we also plan an event there later this year.

    In need of a fluorescent set? Send an email to greenteam@vub.be.