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    Pollution peak in Brussels

    Today pollution level 0 was reached in Brussels. Due to the deteriorated air quality it is recommended you change your habits in order to limit emissions. You could choose an alternitive to the car and limit heating if at all possible.

    What can you do?

    > Walk, cycle or take public transport.
          Campus accessability: student.vub.be/en/mobility#moving-around
    > If you need to drive consider carpooling.
          VUB carpool: www.facebook.com/groups/817135498355115/?ref=bookmarks
    > Choose for homework or consider changing your "Off" day.
    > Choose 20°C as a maximum when heating a room.
    > Avoid wood stoves.
    > Avoid physical effort.
    > Stay informed about the situation.

    How to stay informed

    Download the Brussels Air App and monitor the air quality in our city. This app will also send you a warning when pollution is too high.