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    The World@School: international students invited to give classes at Flemish schools

    The World@School is a new project launched by the Government of Flanders. The 2017-2018 academic year was the pilot year for the project. This project involves international students in small school projects with the aim of getting to know the Flemish society better and also creating global awareness for the younger school pupils.

    Every primary or secondary school in Flanders can invite an international student to do an activity for or with the pupils on a subject related to their home country (music, food, sports,...) or on other subjects such a politics, environment, economics, sciences,... Students who want to participate can fill in an application form (see link below for more info).

    More information on the project and where to download all the relevant documents can be found on the Flanders Knowledge Area page for The World@School project.

    You can also contact the Flanders Knowledge Area Project administrator Rachida:
    - Email: rachida.chattari@vluhr.be
    - Phone: 02/792.55.25