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    Message for the festive season

    Dear students,

    At the end of the year we are here to help you with your study career
    With lots of support and a good vibration, so you won’t lack the right motivation
    Enjoy the holidays but don’t forget your study days
    Stick to the plan without becoming a lonely caveman
    Structure is the go-to power, it even helps you gain an hour
    If things aren’t really going your way, sit back and think of Santa’s sleigh
    Any more questions? The profs will give you lots of suggestions
    Know when and where the exam takes place, being late won’t help you win the race
    Keep your head clear and strong, your belief should be this can’t go wrong
    You know that at the end of it all it’s time to go out and have a ball 

    All the very best, 

    Your friends and supporters at the Study Guidance Centre

    PS: If you have any questions about your results or want to talk about an exam the Study Guidance Centre is here for you. Check out our study progress and regulations page.