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    The student council speaks: Sofie Ferauge


    Sofie is a Civil Engineer student and in her free time she is especially busy with her involvement in the Polytechnical student association. She also takes on of the most important roles in the Student Council  as coordinator Student facilities.

    Why do you find it important to engage in the Student Council?

    Sofie: "I can’t really say why I like to engage myself, but for me the sense of belonging is very important. I am currently learning an incredible amount of soft skills: how to talk and interact with people. But also the realization that I have to let go of things and that it’s impossible to always satisfy everyone. Those skills are very helpful for later. In my study I do not learn how to communicate, but they do expect me to take on a management position. Members of the Student Council also learn to look at the VUB in a different way. You think about what you can do for the whole community and ask yourself how you can make the best for the VUB. "

    What exactly does the coordinator Student Facilities Coordinator do?

    Sofie: "Very concrete matters such as the student rooms or the student restaurant. But also smaller projects such as a barbecue on the campus or a new party tent. What is close to my heart is the realization of the student bar. As in Gent and Leuven, we want a ‘fakbar’ at the VUB. It would be a cafe run by students. The profit goes to those students. Several student associations could participate and we want to give international students the chance to run the bar on weekends. "

    This coordinatorship can’t be underestimated if you are a member of the Student Council for the first year?

    Sofie: "This coordinatorship immediately ensured that I received a lot of responsibilities and had to learn a lot. Also about practical matters that I knew nothing about. How to appoint a contractor for example. In the beginning you do not know what you are doing. In your first plenary meeting, for example, you are truly impressed by what is going on. Fortunately, I already had some experience with meetings in the training boards."

    A question to finish: what do you think is the ideal Student Council?

    Sofie: "That every VUB student sees us as a point to contact. If there are fundamental problems, people need to know that they can come to us. A goal of the Student Council is to protect the student. We are doing our very best to represent the student population, but that is very difficult. Nevertheless, I think that we are succeeding at this moment because we are so diverse in the Student Council's opinions. You immediately notice this at internal meetings when we have heated discussions about certain issues. "