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    Participate with VUB Engage

    VUB Engage (previously VOX.VUB) encourages students to participate in projects and to launch ideas. Every project entails a specific initiative and you can actively participate in the debate. 

    One of the projects is Hack the Campus. If you would get 5000€ for making our campusses in Etterbeek or Jette more pleasant and fun, what would your idea be? VUB asks all of its staff members and students AND will effectively help realise one project proposal in 2019. Do you also feel our campusses could be better, more beautiful, pleasant, agreeable or fun? This is your chance, hack the campus with VUB Engage!

    The debate about the calibration tests also needs your attention. Do they need to become binding or mandatory? Should they be organised by other faculties besides the engineering faculty as well? Share your opinion and the Student Council bring it to the table on the 10th of December.

    All you need to access VUB Engage is your VUB e-maiaddress. You won't need to create an extra account.