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    A Professional Cyclocross on Campus

    Sports enthusiasts might have heard the news. On Sunday 6 January our university will host a professional cyclocross at our Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus. This race is part of the DVV Insurances Trophy, which entails eight major cyclocross stages. Students need not despair, we will take measures to minimise the nuisance.

    Cyclo-what? In Flanders and the Netherlands cyclocross is an extremely popular discipline within professional cycling. It is a fast paced spectacular one-hour race on a closed circuit. The difference between road racing is the surface cyclocross is held on. It can be a mix of grass, mud, sand, gravel and asphalt. This is what makes our university an excellent location as the organisation can build a challenging circuit. On average there are two races every weekend throughout the winter. Attendance at these races is high. It is a social activity which involves companionship, music, a few drinks and a burger or some chips. Taking this into consideration hosting an event like this is a perfect way to show Flanders what our university is like and what it stands for.

    We are aware this might be inconvenient for some students. It is the last Sunday of the winter holidays and for many students a day of study. We are convinced that we can mitigate the downsides of the date. Whoever wants to study will be able to study. And maybe attending a few hours of professional sports on campus can relieve some stress and get you ready to dive into the last week of pre-exam studying.

    Practical measures

    As usual the university is closed between Christmas and New Year. The organising committee will start building the circuit on 26 December and there will be activity on campus until the day before the race. We don’t expect there to be any noise disturbance that could hinder students. Sound systems will only be tested on the day of the race.

    Certain parking spots and entrances will be closed in the build up to the event. You will always be able to access your student housing on campus. It will however not be possible to reach the campus by car on the day of the race. This is important for students who are expecting some essential supplies from home to make life a little more comfortable. The circuit will be closed off, but VUB students and staff will enjoy a nice discount if they want to experience the Brussels Universities Cross and encourage the world class cyclists!

    There will be an alternative location for the Group Study on Sunday. We will keep you posted in the run op to the winter holidays.

    Questions? Contact Student Information, 02/629.20.10 or info@vub.be.