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    Do you want to be a VUB vlogger?

    Who are we looking for?
    We are looking for enthusiastic students who want to give us and other VUB'ers a fresh take on various events and student life in general through videos or stories. This could be the VUB ski trip, a VUB sports event, a debate, an exclusive event, a tour of the new student housing, student life in Brussels, projects at the VUB, work at the VUB, ...

    What do we offer?

    => Professional support and material to get you started.
    => The experience to help us build our video catalog.

    Come up with an original way to introduce yourself using a vlog or send us a video report you made in the past.

    Send your video to nicky.temmerman@vub.be (subject: vlogger).

    If you impress us we might contact you for an interview!