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    Student Feedback – second semester

    As field expert in education we welcome your participation in the Student Feedback. Thanks to this survey about the courses of the second semester we are able to detect possible bottlenecks. But we certainly also like to receive positive feedback, which supports the lecturers in the quality of their teaching.


    The survey is carried out electronically. Based on some questions and additional space for feedback, it provides the ideal opportunity to share your experiences, opinions and suggestions concerning the course units and the lecturers.

    Your opinion as a student is very important and a broad participation is essential to strengthen that opinion.

    What happens to the results of this survey?

    The results of the Student Feedback are handed over to the lecturers concerned, the programme directors, the Deans and the Vice Rector for Education and Student Policy. The general results on study time, programme and satisfaction about the Vrije Universiteit Brussel are continuously available online

    We want to emphasize the complete anonymity of the online survey. The results do not contain any identifying information about you unless you provided such information in an answer to one of the questions in the survey.

    In case of any problems you can contact studentenfeedback@vub.ac.be