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    Welcome to the VUB

    You've chosen the Vrije Universiteit Brussel to start or continue your studies: congratulations! You can find all information for new VUB students on this page. Good luck and enjoy your time at the VUB!

    Help with accomodation, bank account, registration to the Commune, ...

    International Relations Office

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    Student Information

    1. Applications

    Students who have not obtained a Flemish degree need to submit an application online and get permission to study at the VUB. If you do have a Flemish degree, go to step 2.

    2. Enrolment

    Once you have permission to study at the VUB, you can enrol.

    Special enrolments >>> (e.g. erasmus, combined enrolment, credit contract, ...)

    2.1: Enrolment on campus

    You can make an appointment online to enrol on campus at the Education and Student Administration. Please bring all the necessary documents (as mentioned in your conditional letter of acceptance), otherwise you won't be able to enrol.

    Students with an equivalent secondary education diploma should bring acceptable proof of language proficiency, their identity card or passport, and their original diploma.

    2.2: Activating your NetID and password

    Once you have enrolled, you will receive an email with your student number and pin code. With these data you will be able to create your NetID and password via the Personal Account Manager (PAM), which you will need to log in to several online tools.

    Changing and ending your studies

    More info

    3. Course registration

    The final step is registering for your courses online via student SelfService. This course registration manual will guide you through the process.

    Apply for exemptions

    You can apply for exemption from a course if you have obtained a credit certificate for a course with identical or similar content.

    More information

    4. Administration after enrolment

    Once you have enrolled, you will receive your student card and registration certificate. You will also need to pay the tuition fee.

    If you are eligible for the Scholarship from the Flemish Community, you need to apply online for this scholarship. The information is only available in Dutch, but you can also contact Social legal and financial support.

    Student card and registration certificate

    You need a registration certificate from the VUB in order to buy an annual season ticket for public transport at the student rate

    More info

    Tuition fee payment

    When and how will I receive my tuition fee invoice?

    More info

    Tuition fee overview

    Calculation of the tuition fee.

    More info

    Exams finished?

    Check your grades

    Personal data

    Make sure your personal information in Student Selfservice is correct.

    More info

    Registration certificate, student card, deregistration certificate, ...

    Request certificates

    Online tools

    Studying is becoming increasingly digitalised. Accordingly, you will have to use the following online tools during your studies at VUB.

    E-mail, learning platform, timetable app, ...

    Discover our e-tools and portals


    You can consult the timetables by degree programme (e.g. first year of the Master's Programme in Management) or by individual course (e.g. 'Corporate Finance and Investment Analysis'). You can also use My Timetable, which is an app that enables students to create a personal timetable.

    By degree programme


    By course


    Create your personal timetable

    My Timetable app

    Check your faculty website

    Exam schedules

    Books and course material

    There are several possibilities to buy your books and course material at VUB.

    Standaard Student Shop

    All official course books and other study material

    Buy books online or on campus

    OSD Course Material Service

    The OSD can offer you readers, summaries, exam questions, and additional literature.



    Save some cash and do the eco-friendly thing by buying (and selling) your books second-hand.

    Several webshops

    Online Learning Platform

    Study material uploaded by professors


    Language courses

    You can take extra language courses at the VUB.

    Academic language courses

    Academic language centre at the VUB


    Non-academic language courses

    In addition to ACTO, you can also take language courses at various centres for Adult Education (CVO) at the university campuses


    Study spaces on campus

    Where to go when you want to focus on your studies.


    The Central Library (Campus Etterbeek) and the Medical Library (Campus Jette).

    VUB libraries

    Study spaces of Study Guidance

    More info

    Group study on campus

    During study and exam periods

    Additional study spaces

    Book your classroom

    For informal study activities

    More info

    Computer rooms

    Doing research, working on a paper, or printing

    More info

    Wireless internet

    Wifi for your laptop or smartphone

    More info

    Information, counseling, and training

    Workshops or personal guidance

    Study Guidance

    Support at VUB

    You can rely on several assistance and (study) advice services at VUB.

    Information with a smile!

    Student Information

    Help with accommodation, banking, registration at your local commune, ...

    International Relations Office

    Information, training, and counseling to help you during your studies

    Study Guidance

    Psychological support

    Student psychologists

    Wellbeing and legal advice

    CAW (only in Dutch)

    Looking for a student job?

    Student jobs

    Questions about your VUB room on campus?

    Student accommodation

    VUB Services & Assistance at VUB

    Help & advice

    Student housing, food & drinks, sports, health, wi-fi, culture, parties, ...

    More information on campus life and our facilities