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    Timing and efficiency

    Do you spend hours on end at your desk only to feel like you've learned nothing? Do you feel the pressure of assignments piling up at the end of the semester? Studying can be both more efficient and less stressful.

    How can I improve my study methods?

    Study methods can vary greatly depending on the course, so finding which method best suits your needs is the key for a more relaxed semester.

    You can find plenty of advice on how to study at the VUB in our workshops. You can also meet other students here, share your experiences and help each other. Attendance is free, so don't hesitate to find the workshop you need!

    Do you find it difficult to study for your courses? Don't hesitate to seek out individual guidance. We can have a look at the problem and arrange for personal guidance or tutoring.

    What's the best schedule for you?

    If you have any problem that keeps you from getting the results you want, Study Guidance is here to help.

    Our advisors will listen to you and offer whatever you need to help you study. If it's about a certain course, we can arrange for a student tutor. Find out more on how to get individual guidance on our page, or contact us.

    Are you disabled, a working student or do you need special facilities? We can arrange a flexible programme for you.

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    Study Guidance

    Which workshop should I attend?

    Study Guidance organises workshops which contain tons of advice regarding a certain study topic.

    Participants are encouraged to share their experiences, making it a learning opportunity for other students and for the university staff. If you feel like you could use some inside information on how to study at the VUB, don't hesitate to participate!

    Workshops are free for students at the VUB.

    For the schedule of the workshops check the calendar regularly.

    Workshop: Optimize your study strategies

    Optimize your study strategies:

    • Plan ahead and avoid procrastination.
    • Determine a study strategy for each course.
    • Process your learning material actively.

    Make the most of your studies and join us. Don’t forget to bring your course list and timetable.

    Discover our workshops!