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    On this website you can find all important information on course registration, exemptions, exams, internships, the master's thesis and our contact details.

    Coronavirus - info & updates

    For frequently asked questions and updates on the corona measures, please visit www.vub.be/coronavirus.

    Please be aware that you can also contact your study path counselor for questions about your academic career.

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    Regulations, forms and internship

    An overview of important regulations and forms can be found here.


    VUB students may attend the following courses at ULB from the Master en Langues et Lettres Modernes programme and the Master en Journalisme programme (max. 1 course). More information: https://www.ulb-vub.be/en/faq-exchanging-courses-and-modules


    Would you like to start an internship outside of an academic course?

    Please send your motivation on the basis of the document 'Motivation application internship outside the  study programme' to the programme director via faclw@vub.be

    After the written agreement of the dean, the internship agreement can be drawn up.

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    Study path

    As a student you can shape your own study path. If you need help, you can always fall back on your learning path counsellor who is there to inform, advise and guide you.

    Maximum 66 ECTS-credits per academic year also for combined enrolments

    Combined enrolment

    It is possible to start your master programme if you still need to take some courses of the preparatory programme.

    • You need fewer than 30 ECTS-credits to obtain your preparatory programme:
    • You need 30 ECTS-credits or more to obtain your preparatory programme:
      • When you get permission from the Dean, you can enroll in the subsequent master’s programme or programme units of this master’s programme, in accordance with the relevant rules on sequential order for enrolment
      • You must submit a reasoned request to the Dean.

    Requesting exceptions

    You can request exceptions for:

    • Exceeding the maximum amount of 72 credits (ECTS) per academic year
    • Overruling pre- and co-requisites
    • Enrolling outside the registration period or enrolling for courses after the deadlines

    Fill out this form


    Rounding up or down of exam results? Passed with merit, dinstinction, great or greatest distinction?

    More info

    Study progress

    If you cannot demonstrate sufficient study progress, the Examination Board can impose binding conditions concerning your re-enrollment for the same programme.

    More info

    Planning ahead & studying efficiently

    Need help managing all your tasks and improving your study method? Consult your study advisor!

    More info

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    Requesting exemptions

    You can apply  for an exemption based on previously acquired competencies or previously acquired qualifications. You can ask excemptions based on previously acquired qualifications trough the procedure below.

    Apply for exemptions based on previously acquired qualifications

    1) With this form you can request exemptions within the programmes of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy at the VUB. Exemptions for the new academic year can be applied for starting from 1 July.

    • You have to fill in a new form for each course for which you want to request an exemption.
    • Always read the question very carefully. Since a large part of this form is processed automatically, it is important that you provide the correct information. The faculty does not accept responsibility for errors made on the basis of incorrect information. Applications with incorrect or missing information will not be processed.
    • You can apply for an exemption for one subject on the basis of four subjects that you obtained elsewhere, but quality is more important than quantity. A targeted application with fewer subjects that are better related to the subject you are applying for, is better than an application based on four subjects that are only partly related to it. Therefore, always compare the content of these subjects, not just the title! Do not unnecessarily add subjects to your application. This will not help your application.

    2) Submit the following documents digitally via Studypath.lw@vub.be before the deadline (15 October for the first semester, 15 February for the second semester). Your application can only be processed after you have submitted these documents. In the subject line of your e-mail you mention 'vrijstellingsaanvraag'.

    • Credit certificate: this is the official proof of passing the course. We accept credit certificates issued by your previous institution, official transcript of results (no screenshots!) or a copy of the Diploma Supplement which lists the subjects you passed.
      • Give this document a clear name: Credit certificate_NAME_(no.)
    • ECTS sheet: Each course unit has an ECTS sheet that describes the objectives, content, working formats and learning and assessment activities. You only need to mail it if you were unable to provide a hyperlink to the sheet when completing the form. Please note that sending in a scan of a file will delay the procedure. Your application can only be processed after you have sent the ECTS sheet and it cannot be processed automatically.
      • Give this document a clear name: ECTS_NAAM_Vaktitel

    If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to Studypath.lw@vub.be.


    15 October

    Deadline exemption request for course units from the 1st semester and full year course units. Applications after the deadline cannot be processed under any circumstances


    In principle, the earlier you submit your application, the sooner you will receive a decision. If you wait until shortly before the deadline, you should expect longer waiting times. You can also apply for exemptions before you are enrolled!

    15 February

    Deadline exemption request for course units from the 2nd semester. Applications after the deadline cannot be processed under any circumstances

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    On this page you can find the exam schedules and information on what to do in case of a force majeure event.

    Exam schedules

    Announcement exam schedules

    • first exam sessions (January): at the begin of December
    • first exam sessions (June): at the latest 14 weeks before the start of the exams
    • second exam session (August): at the latest 4 weeks before the start of the exams

    The dates of the exam sessions can be found in the academic calendar.


    Registration Oral Exams 

    Via Canvas will the professor communicate how to register for Oral Exams, via Canvas of Pointcarré.

    Please note that for some courses, you will still be required to register the hour of your oral exam in January via PointCarré. For the courses concerned, you will find a link under ‘Announcements’ in Canvas that will direct you to PointCarré. Please find below the manual for registration.

    How to register for oral exams via Canvas/Pointcarré

    Manual registration


    Beneath you can find the information of the examschedules.

    The dean and examiner shall decide whether a rescheduling is possible

    Force majeure

    If you can't participate in (an) exam(s) due to force majeure (illness, accident, other family reasons, …) you can ask for a rescheduling of (an) exam(s) via this form.

    1. Fill out this form (please include a proof of force majeure)

    2. E-mail the form to the faculty secretariat by the date of the exam.

    3. The original document(s) substantiating the force majeure must be submitted to the faculty secretariat (C.5.403b) within 3 calendar days of the date on which the exam took place.

    The examiner shall decide whether a rescheduling is possible

    Two exams at the same time

    In case you have two exams at the same time, you should take the exam which comes first in the standard study path or the exam of the mandatory programme unit. To request a rescheduling of the other exam within the relevant exam period:

    1. Fill out this form.
    2. E-mail it to the professor and teaching assistant(s) and put faclw@vub.ac.be in copy, within 3 calendar days of the announcement of the exam schedule.
    3. The professor or teaching assistant will inform the faculty secretariat whether a rescheduling is possible.
    4. The faculty secretariat will inform you regarding a possible rescheduling.


    The deliberations for academic year 2021-2022 will take place on the following moments:

    • for students who will graduate in the first semester: 10/02/2022
    • first exam session: 07/07/2022
    • second exam session: 15-16/09/2022


    To request feedback on your exam results, you should send an e-mail to the professor(s) and/or assistant(s) and put faclw@vub.be in copy.

    • to request an inspection of a copy of your exam papers: within 3 calendar days of the announcement of the results.
    • to request a clarification of your exam results: within 5 calendar days of the announcement of the results.

    Information online exams

    Online exams

    Tips & Tricks

    Make sure you are prepared for your exam from home, by following these guidelines:

    • is really important that you install and test the tools to be used during your online exams beforehand (where necessary)! Also, take part in the test moments and/or mock exams organised by the study programmes, or set up your own test moments with fellow students. That way, you will not be unpleasantly surprised on the day of the exam itself.
    • In the event of technical problems, contact the ICT Helpdesk asap at helpdesk@vub.be.
    • Find a quiet place to take the exam, where you will not be disturbed. Inform your roommates about when your exam will take place.
    • Make sure to go to the toilet first.
    • Lay out all the permitted materials (books, notes, pencil or pen, scrap paper ...). If necessary, have tissues and a glass of water at hand, but other than that, try to create a workspace that is as empty as possible.
    • Take place in front of your computer well ahead of time and wait for the lecturer to invite you/call you for your exam. Also bear in mind that exams before yours may run late and incorporate this in your schedule.
    • Make sure you are clearly visible on the webcam. For example, do not sit directly in front of a window as this will create a shadow over your face.
    • Make sure roommates burden the internet as little as possible (no streaming/downloading), to avoid internet problems during your exam.
    • See also: https://student.vub.be/en/exams-in-times-of-corona#exams-from-home

    What to do when problems occur during an exam?

    Contact the lecturer via his VUB office number and/or email address (see list; note that some lecturers may not have a VUB telephone number).

    In case of no answer, you can contact the student information team (+32 2 629.20.10 or via info@vub.ac.be) and/or the secretary of the Faculty of Languages and Humanities (0+32 2 629.39.05 or faclw@vub.ac.be; between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.).

    If the lecturer or the faculty office is unable to help you, then they may refer you to the Central Helpdesk.  The Central Helpdesk can be reached via Teams (Join Microsoft Teams Meeting) or by telephone (+32 2 629.22.85) every exam day from 1 June onwards between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Please note:  the Central Helpdesk is normally only for lecturers and for urgent problems.  Please do not directly contact this helpdesk yourself until told to do so by your lecturer or by the faculty secretary.

    See also: https://www.vub.be/en/backtocampus#frequently-asked-questions

    Good luck!

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    A test of willpower

    What is more exciting and intimidating than having to write a small book at the end of your studies?

    Before 31 October

    Choosing a thesis topic

    1. Register your master's thesis course unit through the Student SelfService.
    2. Register your master's thesis subject and supervisor through MaThis.

    Submitting your master's thesis at Canvas

    Submitting only at Canvas

    10th of January 2022 until 3 p.m.

    Deadline first session (first semester). Only possible after you've submitted a request to graduate in January.

    Electronic submission via Canvas

    23th of May 2022 until 3 p.m.

    Deadline first session (second semester)

    Electronic submission via Canvas

    8ht of August 2022 until 3 p.m.

    Deadline second session (second semester)

    Electronic submission via Canvas

    Master's thesis MUMA


    Need help with your thesis?

    Study guidance

    Faculty secretariat

    No idea who you can contact with a question? Then pass by the faculty secretariat or send us an e-mail.

    Faculty secretariat
    Building C, 5th floor, room 403b

    02 629 39 05

    Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday
    9 -12 AM and 13-16 PM

    Closed on Wednesday for students
    Contact via mail of phone (02/629.39.05)


    Who is who

    Looking for the name of the dean or the names of the representatives?