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    On this website you can find all important information on exchange and our contact details.


    Warm welcome to our (future) exchange students.

    Exchange at our faculty in short

    Usefull contact persons and departments

    Partner Institutions

    Please check if your home institution has a cooperation or exchange agreements with the VUB. When there is no exchange agreement with your home university or specific cooperation agreement with your government and the VUB you cannot apply for an exchange

    Application and deadlines

    Your application is managed by your home institution. Please check with your home university for the necessary documents and deadlines. Make sure your learning agreement is approved by both institutions!

    Courses in English and language requirements

    The faculty offers a rather small selection of courses in English:

    All incoming exchange students have to provide a proof of English language knowledge in their online application.

    More information about the language requirements >>>

    Courses in Dutch / Internships and language requirements

    Most of the courses of the faculty are offered in Dutch. Incoming exchange students can select courses from our Dutch-taught programmes, on the condition that they provide us with a proof of Dutch language knowledge in the online application.

    More information about the language requirements >>>

    For most internships it is important to have sufficient French language knowledge.  

    Faculty administration

    No idea whom to turn to with your question? Come by the office or send us an e-mail.

    Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy

    Mail the Faculty Secretariat
    Call between 8.30AM - 4.30PM
    0032 2 629 27 28


    Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 9AM-3PM
    Room 2L.202

    Who is who?

    Find out who is responsible for what at the faculty: