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    Sports and fitness

    Moving is fun and healthy, but it can also reduce study related stress and improve your concentration. Enjoy the various sports the VUB offers, ranging from mere fun to competition!

    The fixed offer of UAB Sport

    UAB Sport organises the sports offers for the students of VUB and EhB.

    Make use of sport facilities

    Sports Card

    Through the Sportmix you can participate in 25 team sports every week


    Discover our fitness campaigns at the VUB

    Entrance hall Building L, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Elsene

    +32 2 629 23 11


    Take advantage of our extensive VUB sports infrastructure


    Affordable fitness

    Basic Fit

    10 challenging sports competitions for student organisations

    Sports Trophy

    A semester long soccer league for student teams

    Student Futsal League

    Student sports

    Students also organise a lot of sports initiatives themselves. You can find some classics of the sports they organise year-round here.

    VUB skiing during the one-week break

    12-hour run: Ludicrous relay race on the campus

    Strong Student Run: Challenging race

    Brussels bucket list

    Brussels has a wide range of sports facilities with clubs and gyms. There are many ways to exercise during your student time in Brussels. We have selected some of our favourite activities.

    35,000 runners race through the streets of Brussels

    20 km of Brussels

    Enjoy the national team's football games

    Belgian football

    Sporting event at Heizel

    Memorial Van Damme

    The world's second deepest swimming pool

    Nemo 33


    Fun places, fascinating people, interesting cultures, new ideas, and big events ... Belgium's largest student city has a vast number of cultural and artistic activities to offer. The best way to get to know Brussels is to walk around and select what interests you, as the Brussels experience is different for everyone.

    The cultural centre of the VUB


    Travelling Arts Festival


    Culture in student life

    Student organisations per interest
    Trefcentrum Y' vzw
    Waverstesteenweg 1077, 1160 Brussels

    +32 2 629 23 26


    BILL: culture and lifestyle in Belgium and Europe

    The reporters give you insider tips on must-sees in your neighbourhood. BILL checks out all things culture: movies, theatre, comedy, games, fashion, books, expositions… Get discounts in Belgium and Europe thanks to the European Youth card logo on your student card or the BILL-app!


    EYCA. Dicounts and cultural tips in Belgium and abroad.


    Cultural Student Organisations

    Students also express their cultural creativity at the VUB. Join one of the organisations and contribute to the artistic and creative talent of your fellow students during the annual supreme events.


    VUB Musical

    Classical music


    Brussels bucket list

    Brussels is bursting with culture, you can endlessly get lost. We limit ourselves to the minimum "must-do-once" list as a starting point.

    More than 100 museums in Brussels

    Brussels museums

    International culture festival


    The most visited cultural destination of Brussels


    A committed theatre place


    A modern dance show


    An eccentric performance


    A real classic opera

    De Munt

    A silent movie with live piano


    The Brussels Philarmonic and more


    Rocky rock concerts

    Ancienne Belgique

    A popular music festival in summer


    Free festival for jazz fans

    Brussels Jazz Week

    The Brussels Animation Film Festival


    A retrospective of films that came out during the year

    Be Film Festival

    Enjoy the diversity of cultures in Brussels


    Activities in the city

    Brussels is a challenging city, which reveals itself gradually. The best way to discover Brussels is to throw yourself into the adventure and choose what interests you. Brussels is different for everyone. On this page you will find a number of initiatives that can help you create your own Brussels.

    Information about Brussels

    Discovering Brussels is something you just have to do. But maybe these websites with information and tips can help you out.

    Discover the must-see locations and events

    Visit Brussels

    Official event catalogue of Brussels

    Brussels Agenda

    What's hot in Brussels


    Your student guide in Brussels


    Information Center of the Flemish Community


    Information Center of Brussels Capital Region


    What to experience

    If you want to experience Brussels like a local or as a student, you can have a look at the websites below.

    Experience Brussels like a local

    Spotted by Locals

    The most popular attraction maps of Brussels


    Newsletters for expats

    The Bulletin

    Free events for empty wallets

    Gratis in Brussel

    Festivals and events


    The Brussels youth


    Cultural centres of the City of Brussels

    Cultural centres

    A unique journey into the Belgian cuisine

    Tram Experience

    Knowledge and research on Brussels

    The VUB is one of the active institutions that conducts research on Brussels in a scientific context.

    Research on Brussels

    Brussels Studies Institute

    Reading, detabe and city council

    Brussels Academy

    Brussels bucket list

    Typically Brussels. There are lots of things to experience in your student city. We have selected some of them.

    Eccentric procession of the Brussels folk


    Participate in city life

    Allee du Kaai

    Explore the European quarter


    The beach, urban appetizers and summer bars

    Brussel Bad

    Audio walking tour by Molenbeek


    Try "half en half" drink in an Art Nouveau café

    Le Cirio

    Morning on Place du Jeu de Balle

    Brussels outdoor markets

    Real steamy saucisse tasting

    Fin de Siècle

    The famous flower carpet at the city centre

    Flower carpet

    Taste beers of Brussels

    Rits Café

    The biggest popular ball in Belgium

    Bal National

    Taste the "caracollen" and have fun

    Foire du Midi

    International communities in Brussels

    As one of the most multicultural cities in Europe, Brussels hosts many communities of diverse nations and cultures.

    Join your expat community in Brussels

    Brussels Expats

    Flemish African House


    Spanish institution in Brussels

    Instituto Cervantes

    German culture and language institution


    Francophone community in Brussels

    Alliance Française de Bruxelles-Europe

    Official Chinese institution of Brussels

    China Cultural Center

    Brussels British Community Association


    Italian culture institution in Brussels

    Instituto Italiano Cultura

    Korean culture, art and history

    Korean Cultural Centre

    Polish culture in Brussels

    Polish Institute

    Cultural and artistic inspiration from Denmark

    Danish Cultural Institute

    Culture service of the Embassy of Hungary

    Hungarian Culture

    Cultures and languages of Scandinavian countries

    Scandinavian Language School

    Culture and arts of Finland

    Finnish Cultural Institute

    An international club with an American heart

    American Club of Brussels

    The VUB student folklore and other parties

    Being a student is sometimes a bit of partying. The VUB has a rich tradition of student folklore with St-Vé, the Humanistic Singing Festival, Climbing, Baptism and all kinds of ludic rituals. In addition, you can just go to the legendary TD's, the numerous nice Brussels cafés or dive into some cool Brussels scenes.

    Stories about student folklore

    The big annual meeting in student life is Saint-Vé, usually 20 November. The founder of the ULB/VUB, Pierre-Théodore Verhaegen, is solemnly commemorated and the students do that through a legendary party in the city. Also the Humanistic Song Festival, early December, is very fun because the Aula Q is converted for a time into a musical festival temple, where the beer per tray and the cava per bottle go over the counter. In addition, there are all kinds of rituals such as invasion, baptism, degeneration and remarkable costume traditions. And parties and singing of course.

    We let some witnesses and experts speak.

    Nightlife on and around the campus

    On the campuses Jette and Etterbeek, students organise parties themselves in the party halls: B.S.G. and B.O.J. They manage their setup within the university's infrastructure. The big TDs, 'thé dansant' to good old tradition, take place in the white party tent. Also around the campuses and in the city of course there are a lot of fun nightlife options, with typical and a-typical student cafés.

    Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

    On the campus

    • BSG roomThe most legendary student party hall of the VUB is located in the place behind the student restaurant. BSG manages this room itself, student organizations organise the fun.
    • Tent: Party tent behind Aula Q where the bigger TDs take place.

    Around the campus

    • Student bars: Luigi's Café, La Parentèse
    • Party room of ULB: La Jefke
    • Bars at Cimetière d'IxellesEl Café, Hanava Bar, TavernierWaff, Le Gaugain,...
    • Flagey: Café Belga

    Brussels Health Campus

    On the campus

    • Tempus: Student bar on campus where every Monday evening activities are organized.
    • BOJ-hall: This party hall, which is also self-employed by the students, is located between the student houses on the campus.

    Around the campus

    • Cafés: Jette, of course, has several cafes around, but the most famous real student café is 'De Boerkes' (Dieleghemse Steenweg 183, Jette).

    Brussels City Centre

    • Student bars: Rits Café is the student café of the Erasmus School of Brussels. Other popular places are party cafes like Delirium, Celtica, A La Bécasse, etc.

    • Squares and Neighborhoods: Cafés have you everywhere, often in harmony with the neighborhood: the Place du Jeu de Balle counts some popular gems, Luxembourg Square serves as the international area of the European Union. The literal heart of Brussels is the Place Saint-Géry, but the café district in the centre extends all the pedestrian zone to deep on the Rue de Flandre, including Archipelago, Le Coq, Monk, Roskam, Au Daringman, Merloo, Au Laboureur, Bar des Amis, etc. In addition, Saint-Gilles Square is an absolute must for a nightout.

    • Clubs: FuseSpirito, You Night Club, etc.

    Brussels bucket list

    How you spend your night out varies from person to person. The following tips are therefore not "must-do's", but special Brussels places or events that students generally appreciate to have a party.

    The big free student festival at the start

    Brussel Brost

    Colorful festival and parade

    The Belgian Pride

    Vibes and beats from all over the world

    Couleur Café

    DJs, performances and light shows

    Nuit Blanche Brussels

    Exceptional festive atmosphere in winter

    Winter Wonders

    Swing, rock 'n roll, 80s or 90s in an eccentric retro interior design

    Madame Moustache

    DJs and live music in a music café


    The legendary club of Brussels



    All events
    No events available

    Regulations on campus life

    Student Life Codex, Lounge User Guidelines, classroom regulations, regulations concerning appeals against Student Services, discipinary regulations, ...

    More info


    An overview of activities, organisations and communities to improve your general knowledge and feed your interests at the VUB and in the city.

    Exchange knowledge and expertise


    Science for the general public

    Scientific Knowledge Community

    Royal Belgium film archive


    The film offer in Brussels


    Human and society, the DNA of the VUB

    "Redelijk Eigenzinnig"

    University Centre for Development Cooperation


    Knowledge, education and debate about Brussels

    Brussels Academy


    With friends or within the city. The ideal place to chill with fellow students is of course the kitchen of a student room. In addition, our campuses and Brussels also offer a lot of 'outdoor' places.

    Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

    The green amphitheater is the 'chill' spot, especially in the summer. In addition, there are many meeting places and options for cosiness.


    Opening Hours:
    Workdays 10 AM - 9 PM

    Location: Esplanade


    Opening hours:
    Weekdays 10 AM - 1 AM
    Telephone: +32 2 629 28 91

    Location: Building L

    Campfire or barbecue

    Read more

    Brussels Health Campus

    The location next to one of the most unique natural areas of Brussels makes the campus Jette a chilling place. Students roll out their own sleeves for a cozy glass.

    Countless shades of green next to the campus

    Bois du Laerbeek

    Find nice chill and chat places in Brussels

    Through these sites, you will find a favorite escape spot, a nice cafe or a green area to relax.

    The green corners of Brussels

    Parks and gardens

    Relaxing spots in Brussels

    Spotted by Locals

    Chilling and chatting at best


    Brussels bucket list

    This has to be done during your student time in Brussels.

    Watch the sunset on the Flagey Square


    Walking through the Sonian Forest (Forêt de Soignes)

    Sonian Forest

    Skatepark or basketball court


    Go beyond time in one of the oldest cafés

    La Fleur en Papier Doré

    Cycling in Brussels

    Mobility Week

    Pedestrian zone and stairs to sit


    Petanque and picnic

    Parc du Cinquantenaire

    Enjoy the breathtaking panorama

    Mont des Arts