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     You can apply  for an exemption based on previously acquired competencies or previously acquired qualifications.

     How to apply for exemptions based on previously acquired qualifications?

     Composition of your file

    You can use this form to request exemptions within the programmes of the Faculty of Engineering at the VUB. Always read the question very carefully. Since a large part of this form is processed automatically, it is important that you provide the correct information. The faculty isn't responsible for mistakes based on incorrect information. Requests with wrong or missing information will not be processed. Fill in a new form for each course you wish to apply for an exemption.

     Then, you should submit the following documents digitally via Studypath.ir@vub.be before the deadline (15th of October for the first semester, 15th of February for the second semester):

     Course unit description : A Course Unit Despription is attached to each course unit that describes the objectives, content, working methods and learning and evaluation activities. You only need to submit this on paper if you could not provide a hyperlink to the ECTS sheet when filling in the form! Please keep in mind that submitting on paper can cause a delay in the procedure. Your application can only be processed after you have submitted the ECTS sheet and also can't be processed digitally.

    Transcipt of records: an overview of your passed credits and the mark of the course(s)

     Your application can only be processed after you have submitted these documents.

     If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to studypath.ir@vub.be .



    Request form for study path exceptions

    You can ask for an exception by completing this online form.

    You can apply for an exception for the following matters :

    • overruling enrollment requirements
    • exceeding the maximum amount of credits (more than 66 ECTS)
    • enrolment for the program after the deadline of October, 8
    • enrolment for and cancellation of courses after the deadline of October, 15 (semester 1 and year courses) -  February, 28 (semester 2)
    • combining primary program with (a part of) the master program


    On this page you can find the exam schedules and information on what to do in case of a force majeure event.

    Any questions or remarks? Contact the Faculty Secretariat

    Exam schedules

      In accordance with the teaching and examination regulations, the examination schedules have been drawn up in accordance with the model learning pathways. The individual exam schedules can be consulted on the PointCarrĂ© website. 

      Exam schedule 2021 - 2022 NON BRUFACE students

      Exam schedule 2021 - 2022 BRUFACE students


      2nd examination session (August-September 2021)




      What to do in case of illness or force majeure?

      1. Fill in the force majeure form  
      2. Send the completed form to the examiner by mail with secr@ir.vub.ac.be in CC at the latest on the day of the exam (!) 
      3. Provide a valid proof of force majeure (medical certificate, obituary notice,...) by email or by handing it in at the Faculty Secretariat

      Important!  Please be aware that this form is not meant to resolve problems with coinciding exams

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      Are you a Msc student and are you considering doing an internship as part of your studies? Please read carefully the information below.

      Procedures for various Msc programmes

      You are responsible for finding an internship and for handing in all documents on time.
      The recording of the info session for all programmes can be found here
      The flowharts can be found here for Bruface programmes and here for non-Bruface programmes.

      • Read here the procedure for Bruface programmes.
      • Read here the procedure for Biomedical Engineering.
        The procedure hasn't been updated for academic year '21-'22 yet
      • Read here the procedure for Photonics.
      • Read here the procedure for Applied Computer Science Engineering
        The procedure hasn't been updated for academic year '21-'22 yet
      • Students Engineering Technology can access the procedure through Canvas > Community Faculteit Ingenieurswetenschappen > ‘Modules’

      Important documents when requesting an internship

      Step 1: Form to request internship (deadline 31 May 2022)

      Step 2: Internship agreement (deadline 15 June 2022)

      Step 3: Form for evalutation to be completed by external internship mentor or supervisor (please note only for Bruface internships of 6 ECTS)

      Step 4: Upload internship report (please note only for Bruface internships of 6 ECTS)

      Please note:

      • Are you a non-EER student and you have been refused by the company to do an internship on the basis of your status in Belgium? This is legally not allowed. Download here a statement to object this with the support of VUB.
      • Are you a Bruface student and you are doing a 10 ECTS internship? The evaluation documents and more information can be found here on UV.
      • What does your VUB insurance cover? Have a look at https://student.vub.be/en/insurance#vub-insurance
      Please contact ir.mobility@vub.be to check what the latest travel policy is for your programme

      Internship abroad

      Would you like to do an internship abroad? That's perfectly possible!

      • You can do an internship in the company or country of your choice (few exceptions apply)
      • The English model contract for internships as part of the study programme can also be used for internships abroad. Considering an internship is subject to the law of the country where the internship will take place, it is possible changes will be made to the model contract, taking into account the differences in legislation between Belgium and the country where the internship will take place (for instance, liability, insurance). The employer is responsible to flag any necessary changes in time.
      • The insurance policies for students who will do an internship as part of their study programme are also applicable for internships abroad. It is recommended to take additional travel insurance for students who will do an internship outside EU.
      • You can apply for a grant before 15 December 2021 (outside EU) or 1 June 2022 (inside EU).

      More information about the type of exchanges can be found here. Please contact ir.mobility@vub.be for further questions.

      Feeling excited to get started?

      Explore the internship offer here

      Are you a company looking to recruit?

      Submit your details here

      IAESTE Brussels

      WORK. EXPERIENCE. DISCOVER. This is what IAESTE Brussels is all about. We provide internships abroad, in almost 90 different countries worldwide, tailored to students in a technical field (engineering, architecture, bioengineering, computer science, science, …). As an engineering or science student, you'll gain work experience in your field of interest, which is also greatly appreciated by future employers!

      An IAESTE internship is an amazing way to get to know cultures and make friends from all around the world! Applying for an IAESTE internship is very simple, and you get a lot in return: IAESTE arranges your housing, helps with administration, organizes social events and much more!

      Even if you are still not 100% convinced about going on an internship adventure with IAESTE, then visit our IAESTE Belgium page where you will find the stories of previous Belgian trainees, the amazing internship destinations we offer and more. More info: https://iaeste.be


      No idea who you can contact with a question? Then pass by the faculty secretariat or send us an email.

      Opening times faculty secretariat (until further notice)

      In the context of the coronapandemic and the associated measures, the IR Faculty Secretariat will be closed until further notice.

      The employees therefore ask for communication to take place electronically (via email to facultyofengineering@vub.be) as much as possible.

      Building K, 2nd floor, room K014

      +32 2 629 27 58 or +32 2 629 15 72

      Opening hours
      On appointment: tuesday between 9am - 1pm & 1.30pm - 4pm and thursday between 1.30pm - 4pm

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