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    Doing an internship during your studies is a smart move, as you gain invaluable work experience while expanding your professional network and improving your curriculum vitae.

    Types of internships

    During your studies at VUB you can participate in:

    • a mandatory internship as part of your degree programme
    • an optional internship as part of your degree programme
    • a voluntary internship, which is not part of your degree programme. Most faculties allow you to do a voluntary internship under certain conditions.

    You can do these internships either in Belgium or abroad.

    Mandatory or optional internships as part of your degree programme

    More information on these internships can be found in the online course descriptions or on the faculty's website. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your internship mentor.

    Voluntary internships

    If you have any questions regarding this type of internship, you can contact your faculty’s secretariat.

    Specific information by programme

    Find your programme and select the programme unit 'internship'

    Online course descriptions

    Specific information by faculty


    Help with and advice on internship applications

    • You can find a wide range of internship offers and job interview coaching on Jobteaser.

    Career coaching

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