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    How they work

    The International Student Platform (ISP) is an advisory committee to the Student Council and the Council for Student Services on matters concerning international students at the VUB. The ISP has a maximum of twelve members, who are enrolled as a (guest) student at the VUB.

    ISP advises the Student Council on issues of concern to international students.


    The ISP discusses with and gives advices to the Student Council (SC; 'Studentenraad') and the Council for Student Services (Stuvoraad) on issues of concerns for international students. This can range from serious matters like:

    • the availability of language courses
    • housing
    • sports facilities
    • ...

    to the fun stuff such as the start-up of a student lounge bar on campus and making exciting graduation ceremonies accessible to everyone.

    Often the ISP takes initiative to discuss an issue when its members think it needs to be addressed, in order to propose their findings to the Student Council. Before each Student Council meeting the ISP checks their agenda, and many of those topics are discussed in the ISP.

    The meetings are aligned with the SC meetings, so they are planned twice a month.


    Because they are an advisory committee to the SC, their meetings usually are aligned with the Student Council meetings. This means that they generally meet twice a month. Within the ISP, there are also smaller teams working on certain tasks who also meet informally.

    They work closely together with the SC, the Council for Student Services and IRMO.


    They work closely together with the Student Council. Two members of the Student Council or the Council for Student Services, one member of Department of Student Policy and one member of the International Relations and Mobility Office (IRMO) also take part in the ISP meetings. They have an advisory role and are helpful in answering any questions they might have.

    Additionally, IRMO helps in terms of practical organisation: they provide meeting rooms and support the ISP in its functioning  (by preparing meetings, supporting the chair, ensuring follow-up, etc).

    All members are equal and are expected to participate actively.

    Roles & tasks within ISP

    The ISP aims to be a flat organisation; all members are equal and are expected to participate as actively in one way or another.

    In practice, this means that ISP members often work on a specific issue they are interested in within small teams. For practical reasons, there is a chair (responsible for cooperation with IRMO, the overall functioning of the ISP), a Student Council liaison (the first contact point for, and ISP representative to the Student Council) and a secretary (in charge of administration and minutes).


    The students below make up the international student platform for the academic year 2021-2022.

    • Maja Metzger, Chair
    • Orgesa Qipo, Vice-Chair
    • Debra Achola Oloo, Secretary
    • Mathilda Sarah Hollreiser, Social Media Management
    • Alejandro Gutierrez Ramos
    • Anny Victoria Alice Tubbs
    • Csaba Farkas-Pall
    • Cynthia Akum Bih
    • Inesa Boziyeva-Rakovska
    • Jana Ivanovic
    • Joy Ruguru Ndwiga
    • Licyel Lenny Paulas Condori
    • Malavika Parthasarathi
    • Margaret Harriet Cahill
    • Mouzzam Tahir
    • Nil Meral

    Become a member

    Contribute to the decision making process of your university.

    >>> Applications are open for new ISP members. Deadline for applying is 14/10/21. See application form below. <<<

    "We cannot fulfil our mission without your help."

    Twice a year (each time at the start of a new semester), international students are invited to apply to become a member.

    Twelve members are selected by the Student Council upon advice by the International Relations Office, based on their motivation and interviews. If there are more applicants than places, the remaining candidates are enlisted as possible successors and may be called upon when there are less than twelve active members in the ISP. You can find the application form at the bottom of this page.

    Two meetings a month, new friends, valuable skills and a chance to take part in important decisions.

    What to expect

    The ISP meets two times a month. You are expected to join those meetings, and be pro-active in picking up anything that is interesting to you. Check out "About" for more information.

    In return, you will make new friends, develop valuable skills for your future career and have a chance to take part in decisions that are important for yourself and fellow students.

    Do you have any questions or feedback?

    You can contact us on any matter that affects you as an international student at VUB!

    The core business of ISP is international student representation and policy making.




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