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    VUB's insurance plan

    The VUB has taken out insurance for all of its staff and students.

    What is in the insurance plan?

    This insurance covers physical injury occurring on campus as well as on the usual travel route between the university and home.

    A third liability policy is also included. This means that in cases where students or staff are responsible for causing damage to a third party, on campus or on the usual travel route between the university and home, the insurance will intervene and compensate the victim. In both cases only the physical damage is covered, not the material damage.

    For more information you can contact the Insurance Department.

    Find out how the VUB keeps you safe

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    Safeguarding your stay

    In the best case scenario, a health insurance is never needed. But having a safety net for the duration of your studies helps you and the ones around you.

    National health insurance

    A health insurance plan that covers your stay in Belgium is needed for registration at the VUB. You will also need it when applying for the Belgian ID card. Depending on your nationality, there are different ways in which you can obtain a valid health insurance.

    • If you are from an EEA country, you will be covered by the state health insurance system in your home country for the duration of your studies, on the condition that you bring your European Insurance Card. If you need treatment during your stay, you will pay the bills in Belgium and claim the refunds in your home country.
    • Several non-EEA countries also have agreements that cover insurance for the duration of your studies. To find out whether your country has an insurance agreement with Belgium, an up-to-date list is available on the national social security website. It's best to contact the Belgian Social Security service and/or the Health Insurance service of your home country to find out more.
    • Students from other countries have to purchase their own insurance after arriving in Belgium.

    Regardless of nationality, any student can arrange for Belgian health care upon arrival.

    The International Relations Office can assist students in subscribing with the Belgian state health insurance system. One of Belgium's main health insurance providers, Partena, is present at the IRMO office on certain days.

    For students living in Brussels

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    For students living in Flanders

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    What is there to know?

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    Health Insurance Registration

    Which documents do you need?

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    Do you have a question on insurances? The VUB Insurance Department can assist you in questions concerning physical injury occurring on campus and your travel route between the university and home. For all questions on applying for the national health insurance, you can count on the International Relations Office.

    To avoid long queues, Partena will only see students IN THE MORNING to complete their affiliation. In the afternoon everyone is welcome. Opening hours at the bottom of this page.

    All other students’ needs (request BIM status, ID cards etc..) can be handled in any Partena office in Brussels as well, if you like.

    Questions on how to use your stickers, refunds from sports facilities can be asked at the welcome desk.

    VUB Insurance Department
    campus & third liability insurances

    + 32 2 629 22 44


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    ! Please note that during the holidays the representative will not be in every week.

    The PARTENA representative will be available every Monday and every Friday
    9.30 AM - 12.30 PM and 1.30 PM - 4 PM
    Except Friday 13 December 2019

    International Relations office: Pleinlaan 5 (ground floor) - 1050 Brussels