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    As a new student, you will create a network identity (NetID) and a VUB email address first. Your NetID enables you to access the computers on the campus and the various VUB applications.


    You can activate your NetID and create your VUB email address on your Personal Account Manager.

    This is done based on your enrolment number [1] and the PIN-code [2] on your student ID card. Most likely you will receive this information per e-mail also, even before receiving your student ID card.

    You will receive your NetID and email address within 24 hours of completing the account request procedure.

    TIP: When creating your password, pay attention to the type of keyboard you are using (AZERTY or QWERTY), whether Shift-Lock and/or the numeric keypad are active.

    Receiving VUB emails

    You will receive all official e-mails from the VUB at your VUB e-mail address. Therefore, activate your NetID as soon as possible so you can read your VUB emails.

    You prefer to receive all your emails in one inbox? Instructions for forwarding VUB emails to your private email address >>>

    VUB applications

    You need your NetID or email address and password

    • to access your Office 365: e.g. to read your VUB emails
    • to access the learning platform Canvas, which offers a wide range of e-tools (course materials, forums, exercises, etc.)
    • to access wireless internet on the campuses
    • to access your Student SelfService
    • to access My Timetable, an app to compile your personal timetable
    • to access Service Now, an ICT service where you can report IT related problems and consult the knowledge database

    Forgot your password?

    Then you can use your secret question to set up a new password via the Personal Account Manager. On this page you need to click "lost your password or NetID".

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    Wireless internet is available on every campus.

    Available networks

    Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

    You can choose from 2 wireless networks:

    • VUBnext: VUB’s wireless network for students and staff.
    • Eduroam: an international project that allows users of other institutions to log into wireless networks using the username and password they use in their own institutions.
    • VUBguest: send a request via Service Now.

    Brussels Health Campus

    • VUBnext is available in all auditoriums, in some classrooms and in the library.
    • VUBguest: send a request via Service Now.

    Brussels Technology Campus

    • Industrial Engineering students can use the DT-Users wireless network. You will receive a personal login and password sent to your VUB mail address.

    How to login?


    Use your NetID and password
    e.g. jvmodal and abc123


    • VUB student: use your NetID[at]vub.ac.be and password. e.g. jvmodal[at]vub.ac.be and abc123
    • Non-VUB student: log on onto the Eduroam wireless network using your Eduroam identity and the corresponding password as defined by your alma mater.

    *Depending on your device, you may be asked to adjust the configuration. More info on this can be found on the website of VUBnet.

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    Need to look something up, but you do not have your laptop at hand? Quickly need to print something? Go to one of the many computer rooms on the VUB campuses.

    Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

    Brussels Health Campus

    • Building A: First floor and library

    Brussels Technology Campus

    • Library: Building A - first floor

    In all the computer rooms, you can print and/or copy. In the libraries of Jette and Etterbeek campuses, there are several copy machines for scanning.

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    As a student, a computer is indispensable during your studies. Below you will find information about where you can buy a laptop and/or software.

    New hard- and software

    As a student, you can often buy a new laptop and software with student discount. For example, you can go to AcademicShop or other online providers.

    Refurbished laptops/desktops

    In addition to a new laptop/desktop, you can also choose a refurbished laptop: these are cheaper, refurbished computers with or without warranty. Examples of such providers are Eco PC and Tictopia.


    Certain software products are available for free or can be obtained at a lower cost:

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    Studying is becoming increasingly digital. During your studies, you will definitely come into contact with the following VUB applications.

    How to use the following applications?

    Which url you need to use, how to login and further explanations of the different tools can be found below.

    VUB email and Office software

    Mailbox, Office software, Skype for Business, sharing documents and collaborating online, backing up in the cloud

    Office 365


    Check personal data, (re) enrol for your education, register courses, download documents

    Student SelfService

    Learning Platform

    Course powerpoints, extra course material, teacher announcements, ...


    Student Events VUB

    Our Facebook page and how to add events to your Outlook App

    Student Events VUB

    Timetable App & iCalendar

    See if the class will take place, check the classroom, look for timetables

    My Timetable & iCalendar


    Login problems, WiFi issues and other ICT Issues, Q&A in Topics Database, Contact Site ICT Helpdesk

    Service Now

    Phone Book

    Find your assistant/professor's location and telephone number

    VUB Phone Book

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    Via Service Now, the ICT helpdesk wants to provide you with an answer to all your ICT-related questions. On this contact website, you will find an extensive database of frequently asked questions, but you can also report a problem.

    How to proceed?

    1. Go to Service Now website.

    2. Login with your VUB e-mail address (name.surname[at]vub.be) + password

    3. Check the topics database or report a problem

    Other contact details