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    If you are enrolled in the VUB with the intention of obtaining a diploma, you can either arrange your own accommodation in Brussels or apply for a VUB room on campus.

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    non-VUB student rooms

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    VUB student rooms


    If you study at the VUB as an exchange student or traineeship student, you have to arrange your own accommodation off campus. 

    (Exchange) Programmes with enrolment in home university

    A number of rooms have been reserved for exchange students with a programme managed by the International Relations office, (IRMO) in the U-Residence, a privately run housing facility on the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus. IRMO will send all confirmed students an email with more information on the reserved student rooms.

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    non-VUB student rooms

    Students from developing countries with a scholarship

    The students from developing countries* with a scholarship from a development cooperation programme can apply for a student room at the VUB.

    *31 partner countries of Belgian non-governmental cooperation. Consult this list for more information.


    Are you a student from a developing country with a scholarship from a development cooperation programme? You can qualify for one of the 65 reserved rooms if:

    • you are applying for a VUB room for the first time;
    • you are enrolled in a basic study programme as full time student;
    • you do not have a Flemish master degree so far.

    Priority list

    If the demand for rooms on campus is greater than the supply, the following priority list of development cooperation programmes is used:

    1. VLIR-UOS-scholarships

    2. BTC-scholarships

    3. VUB-scholarship programme

    4. Scholarships from other development cooperation programmes

    Deadline and application procedure

    The deadline for application is the 10 June and the applications need to be sent to the development cooperation desk (development.cooperation@vub.ac.be). A template for application will be sent to the candidate upon request.

    Scholarship students from developing countries reapplying for a VUB room are no longer entitled to these reserved rooms, but are treated as regular (international) students.

    International student house of BRIK, hostels, hotels, ...

    Temporary accomodation

    Meet Kotcoach Tino

    Moving into student housing is a big step for many students. For some it feels like paradise, for others it can get a bit lonely. Kotcoach Tino is here to make sure life in student housing runs smoothly, counter lonelyness and inspire friendships.

    Study together? Datenight? A workshop on repairing your clothes? Through a number of fun initiatives, by and for students, our Kotcoach will stimulate you and your fellow students to turn your housing unit into a welcoming mini community.

    You can also see Kotcoach Tino if you need a chat. He might refer you to the right type of support when you need soms help, if there is a conflict in your housing unit or in case of inappropriate behaviour.



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    Kotcoach Tino