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    Welcome to the online Helpdesk for application and enrolment. On these pages you will find tips for applying and (re)enrolling, information about documents you (do not) have to upload and frequently asked questions.

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    Applying online: tips & tricks

    The online application consists of 7 steps. Per step we give you some handy tips and a solution to tackle the most common issues.

    Before you begin

    We recommend using the browsers Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The application website is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer.
    Still having problems? Open the application website in a 'private/incognito window'.

    You need to go through 7 steps now. You can pause the process and continue later by logging in again. As long as you do not click the "submit" icon at the last page you can still work on your application.

    ! The roadmap below is aimed at international students with a non-Flemish degree.
    A roadmap (in Dutch) based on a Flemish diploma is also available. 

    Check the manual on how to apply >>>

    Undertaken higher education before? Don't forget to check the box.

    Steps 1 and 2: Welcome and Secondary education

    A short word of welcome at step 1.

    You insert your secundary education at step 2.

    Step 3: Higher education

    If you checked the box 'higher education' in step 2, you'll be able to insert your previous study trajectory in higher education here.

    Step 4: Social services

    ! With 'scholarship' here is meant a scholarship of the Flemish Community.

    ! By ticking the checkbox you do not apply for a scholarship of the Flemish Community, you have to do that yourself separately.

    Here you can also apply for a VUB student room and request the status of athlete.

    Make sure you always complete the form top down.

    Step 5: Programme selection

    Can't find your programme under the part 'Choice of programme'? Make sure to check the following things: 

    • Leave the box for 'scholarship programme' open. Students who receive a scholarship (not from the Flemish Community), should report this to the Education and Student Administration via email.
    • At 'working and studying' you choose for 'day' (classes) in order to be able to select the programme of your choice, taught in day time. If you've selected 'evening and weekend classes', you'll only be able to choose from the programmes that are offered in the evening or weekend.
    • At 'visiting or exchange student' you do not select anything and leave this at 'not applicable'.
    • At 'course filter' you tick the box for 'show the complete list of VUB courses. I am registering based on my file.'
    • At 'programme' please check the programme code you have chosen with the codes at this page to make sure you do not apply for a programme taught in Dutch.
    • At 'course load' you select 'full-time'.
    Without a picture the system won't be able to create your student card and certificates.

    Step 6: Document checklist

    • Upload the requested documents: passport photo, identification, degree, ... Which documents do I need to upload? >>>
    • A passport photo needs to be uploaded before your student card can be printed. Without a photo you will not receive a student card and no registration certificates.
    • If you want to upload multiple documents per item, you'll first have to merge them into 1 document.
    • Documents should be uploaded in PDF or JPEG, with a maximum size of 2 MB.
    • If something goes wrong while you're uploading your documents, you can always send them to the Education and Student Administration via email.

    You can keep making changes as long as you haven't completed the application, but won't be able to proceed with your enrolment before completing the application.

    Step 7: Completing your application

    Click on the checklist icon in order to submit your application and confirm that you want to submit your application.

    ! If you applied for the wrong programme, then click on the icon of the litter bin to delete the application and start again.

    A few (working)days after you've submitted your application, you'll receive status updates via email.


    During the application process you will be asked to upload several documents. In the overview below you can find more information on these documents and check in which cases you have to upload them.

    The application tells you which documents to upload. This varies by type of registration.

    If, after submission, documents are still missing in your application, you will automatically receive an email asking to upload/send those documents. 

    Proof alternative education This means you applied for evening classes. This document is integrated in your application file and is not compulsory. You may ignore this item. No
    Valid scholarship certificate If you applied for a scholarship via VLIR or BTC please provide us with a proof that the scholarship has been granted to you. Yes (if you are a VLIR; BTC; OAS etc. scholarship holder)
    Special requirementsSpecial requirements refer to:
    • Motivational letter
    • Reference letter
    • Transcript of records
  • APS-certificate for Chinese nationals who obtained their degree in China
    Please make sure all documents were added to your file. These documents will be used by the faculty to screen your application file.
    Check which of these documents you are required to upload >>>
  • Yes
    Credit contract If you are a PhD applicant you need to provide us with an ‘application form enrolment PhD ’. Without this document your application can’t be screened.
    If you applied for a study under credit contract please provide us with a filled out form ‘enrolment with credit contract’. Without this documents your application will not be processed.
    Yes (if you are a PhD or a creditcontract student)
    Diploma higher education We require your bachelor degree if you applied for a master or a master degree if you applied for master after master or PhD.
    If you have not obtained your diploma yet please provide us with a graduation certificate or an enrollment certificate.
    Diploma secondary education We require your high school diploma if you applied for a bachelor. If you apply for a master; PhD or master after master you may add this to strengthen your application but this is not compulsory. Yes
    Proof permission Dean You may ignore this document. Due to changes in the application process this document is no longer required. We will transfer your file to the faculty to screen your file academically. No
    Photograph We need your picture to verify you are who you say you are. Furthermore we will need it to create the student card once you enrol. Yes
    Guest If you applied as guest student we will need your learning agreement or the contract that was agreed upon between your home university and the VUB.
    ! Guest students from Flemish institutions must register via this page
    Yes (if you are applying as a guest)
    Health insurance If you already have a European Health Insurance card please add this document to your file.
    If not no worries. Your file will be processed without it. Please note that you will be asked to produce this document upon time of enrolment.
    During application: No
    During enrolment: Yes
    Proof of identity We require a passport or identity card to verify your identity. We cannot process your application without it. Yes
    Proof of statute Upload your visa or residence permit for Belgium should you already have one if not skip this document. During application: No
    During enrolment: Yes
    Non EEA students If you already have a valid residence permit for Belgium please add it to your file.
    If not you may ignore this item. Please note that you will be asked to produce a valid visa or residence permit upon time of enrolment.
    During application: No
    During enrolment: Yes
    Proof language proficiency All students are required to provide a proof of language proficiency except for students who have a degree in secondary or higher education in that specific language. See which ones we accept here. Yes
    Combined enrolment You may ignore this document. Due to changes in the application process this document is no longer required. No

    How to upload documents after submitting your application

    Below you will find the explanation how to upload documents after you have submitted your application.

    Log in to Student SelfService with your email address and the password that you have chosen.

    In the main menu, click on 'Admissions & (Re-)enrollment. 

    In this menu, you can manage your applications and enrolments. 

    In the left menu, choose 'Admissions & registration'. 

    Click on your chosen program and upload the missing document. Don't forget to save and send an e-mail to admissions@vub.be to let them know you've added the missing documents.

    In case of issues, you can send the documents via e-mail to admissions@vub.be

    Signing your enrolment contract online: tips & tricks

    Finish your enrolment by signing your contract in the Student SelfService.

    Enrolments take place online, including the signing of your contract.

    1. Completing your enrolment or Conditional Letter of Acceptance

    New students: conditional letter of acceptance

    When you've completed your application and received your conditional letter of acceptance, you will receive an e-mail to finish your enrolment and sign your contract

    Current students: Completing your (re-)enrolment online.

    You'll receive an e-mail to sign your contract on your VUB email adress. The e-mails for re-enrolment will be sent to you automatically, once the system is ready to process your re-enrolment. Keep in mind that the system won't be ready until after your proclamation.


    A NetID can only be created after you've signed your first contract. That's why new students have to log in with their temporary account.

    2. Follow the link to the SelfService and log in

    • New VUB students: with the personal email address and password you used during your application.

    Have you forgotten the password you used during your application? You can find it in the email you’ve received during your application. Lost the email? Contact the Education and Student Administration per email.

    • Current VUB students: use your VUB email address

    Forgot your password?

    3. Go to '(re)enroll'

    Click on the button

    • 're-enrollment' to re-enroll for your current study programme
    • 'admissions and registration' to register for a new or subsequent study programme

    4. Click 'continue' at 'programme enrollment'

    At this page you select the study programme that you have applied for or confirm it by clicking 'continue':

    5. Questionnaire and privacy preferences

    You now go to the intro page of a (mandatory) questionnaire. If you click on 'next', the questions start.

    6. Sign the enrolment contract

    Questions? Take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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