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    Emergency on campus

    What to do in case of an emergency on campus? At the bottom of this page, you'll find out where to go in case of a personal crisis.

    Emergency numbers and the security

    In case of life-threatening situations or urgent medical attention, it is best to call the emergency numbers. For all other incidents, you can use the general number of the security. They are available 24/7 and are your reference for safety on campus. They give first aid and assist the emergency services.

    First aid by the VUB-security

    The security guards are trained to administer first aid.

    • Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus: at the security, building X4 (entrance 6)
    • Brussels Health Campus: at the security, student housing (next to Student Housing)

    CPR in case of cardiac arrest: defibrillator

    In case of cardiac arrest, there are defibrillators available on campus.

    • Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus: at the security, building X4 (entrance 6)
    • Brussels Health Campus: in the hallway of building A, near the medical library

    What to do in case of a crisis situation on campus?

    In case of a crisis situation, the VUB crisis team meets and decides what needs to be done. Always follow the instructions of the security or VUB staff members. The crisis team will communicate using VUBToday and the official social media.

    Personal crisis

    In case of a personal crisis, you can rely on several VUB services to help you, medically and psychologically, in all discretion.

    The VUB offers several services concerning health and wellbeing. If your personal crisis affects your studies, you can appeal to the study guidance.

    Personal crisis

    Do you feel that you are losing your self-control due to an incindent?

    This can happen after:

    • a reltionship ends
    • a death
    • the divorce of yourparents
    • an eviction from your home
    • sudden financial or legal problems
    • a conflict with another person
    • an accident

    Do you feel that because of this you can no longer function and need help as soon as possible?

    During office hours, you can contact CAW Brussels.

    Outside office hours, you can contact tele-onthaal (7/24) by calling 106 or using the chatbox.

    Emergency calls also possible from within the elevators

    Emergency phone numbers

    Use these numbers only in serious crisis situations: life-threatening situations or urgent medical help. For all other cases, contact Security.

    +32 2 629 11 11



    +32 2 477 61 12



    General emergency numbers

    • Ambulance: 112
    • Police: 101
    • Fire department: 112
    • Poison unit: 070/245.245
    • Burn centre: 02/268.62.00
    • Other emergency numbers: check SOS112.be

    Assistance at the VUB

    You can count on different assistance and advice services at the VUB. We can also direct you to the right external services if needed.



    Browse the help-finder and find support from the VUB services and external organisations to assist you.

    Problem type

    Safety first!

    VUB has an active prevention policy for safety and wellbeing. There are also several procedures in case of incidents or crises.

    Open campus, 24/7 security

    VUB has open campuses, and we want to keep it that way. The security is available 24/7 and patrols the campuses. Through a new access system with barriers (on campus Jette with a badge), they keep track of the vehicles accessing the campuses. It is always possible to leave the campus by car, even after the opening hours.

    Emergency procedures

    All the rooms are equipped with fire detectors. The emergency exits and evacuation procedures can be found in all buildings. When the alarm is activated, calmly proceed to the nearest point of evacuation.

    Be sure to proactively check the information on emergency situations. The security is the first point of contact for any incident on campus. In life-threatening situations or need for urgent medical help, you should use the emergency numbers. In exceptional crisis situations, the crisis team meets and decides what needs to be done. They can decide to close extra entrances or to take special measures. Stay up to date through VUBToday.

    Offensive conduct and harassment

    The helpline is where you can discretely report any incidences of undesirable or unacceptable behaviour.

    Report it

    You determine what behaviour is unacceptable. It generally concerns a form of verbal or physical violence, bullying, undesirable sexual acts, intimidation or discrimination. If you are personally experiencing undesirable and unacceptable behaviour, or have witnessed such behaviour or have questions about this, please get in touch by sending an email to reportit@vub.be. A counsellor from the CAW (general welfare centre) in Brussels will get in touch with you within three working days.


    The helpline is based on confidentiality, so you can be sure that every counsellor will deal correctly with the information you give. CAW staff must observe professional secrecy.

    No direct help in emergency situations

    The helpline does not offer direct help for emergency situations or incidents (of unacceptable behaviour) which take place on the campus and which endanger your immediate safety or that of others. If immediate medical or psychological help is needed, please get in touch with one of the counselling services at the VUB.

    Unacceptable behaviour?


    Who can report and why?

    Who and why?

    What happens with a report?


    Confidential counsellor and disciplinary procedure?

    Who and what?

    Other notifications

    • In the case of disputes in a teaching or exam context, please get in touch with the ombudsperson.

    • In the case of conflicts with a fellow student (theft, violence, vandalism, stalking...) the disciplinary regulations can help.


    The security guarantees safety on campus 24/7. They are your first point of contact for all incindents. When needed they will contact the emergency services.

    Building X4 (entrance 6)

    + 32 2 629 21 76

    A900B (under building A) - Door 'Technische Dienst'

    +32 2 477 41 41


    Safety 24/7

    The security is here to keep our campus safe at all times. They can intervene when something happens (eg. agression, violence, theft, nuisance, etc.), but you can also report things after the facts (eg. theft, vandalism etc.). They are the best suited people to guide emergency services on campus.


    • is available 24/7
    • patroles the campus and student homes day and night
    • records statements if there has been an incident
    • has a first aid kit. They've had first aid training, so they can help you in case of an emergency.
    • has a defibrillator on campus Etterbeek (on campus Jette in the hallway of building A)
    • can escort you to your car or the nearest public transport, if you don't feel entirely safe on campus.
    • responds to alarm signals from the burglary systems on campus

    Other services by security


    • helps you start your car again (car battery low) or contact road trouble services
    • delivers keys for rental cars from the VUB fleet
    • can (un)lock classrooms in emergency situations outside office hours (weekdays before 7 am and after 10 pm, on Saturdays before 7 am and after 5 pm)
      • Staff must be able to identify themselves with their staff ID card.
      • Students must be able to present their student card + security must have received permission via e-mail beforehand from the classroom responsible



    VUB Security is insured for any security-related physical or material damage that may occur during the job. Those affected may contact Ethias insurance. The polis number is 45.041.893. For more information, please refer to the VUB Insurance Departement via verzekeringen@vub.be.