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    Brussels is a space-time paradox. It holds a rich history in its architecture, but is bursting with hundreds of different cultures. Every day brings an exciting palette of events celebrating all the corners of the world!

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    The Bulletin

    The number one English website features news, events, rent offers and more. From the expats, for the expats.

    The Bulletin


    A prime guide for your first time, USE-IT holds one of the most popular attraction maps. Suitable for all tastes!


    Spotted by Locals

    For those that feel like they're missing out on the authentic Brussels experience. Only the locals' favorites!

    Spotted by Locals

    The BIP

    The Brussels Information Place offers a lot of free information and personalized guidance for newcomers.

    The BIP

    Beyond the city

    Belgium is a country of surrealism, from its architectural shell to the heart of its people. A lot of things can be confusing, even after months of stay. Just take a deep breath and do what a Belgian usually does: go with the flow!

    Belgium around you

    Want to find everything about what it means to live like a Belgian? Feel free to check Belgium's official information website!

    Belgium has three official languages: French, Dutch and German, but a lot of people understand English as well.

    Shops are usually open on weekdays and Saturdays, from 10AM until 6PM/7PM. Most supermarkets are open between 9AM and 8PM from Monday until Saturday. Don't be too late, since entry is restricted 5 minutes before closing time!

    On Sundays and Bank Holidays almost all supermarkets and shops are closed, so be careful not to run out of food on a holiday!

    You are not expected to tip in bars and restaurants! However, when the service and food is excellent, you can show your gratitude with a tip.

    You, around Belgium!

    In Brussels, you can find many guided tours for day trips. But nothing is stopping you from planning your journey on your own, either!

    • Day trips by bike? It's a safe, unique and picturesque experience. You can find out more about the routes in Flanders here, as well as the itineraries of Wallonia. There are also interactive biking maps available for Flanders and Wallonia. Don't own a bike? There are many affordable bike rental offers you can choose from.
    • There are a lot of special offers for travel by rail, especially for young citizens and students. You can find out more on the Belgian Rail website.
    • Travel by bus is likely to be the cheapest option, but it's also a lot slower than travel by train. There are two bus networks outside of Brussels: De Lijn in Flanders and TEC in Wallonia.

    If you use public transport, buy your ticket before going on board to avoid a fine. Some bus stations do not have ticket stands, so it's OK to buy your ticket from the bus driver.

    Regardless of where you go, it's a lot cheaper to buy tickets for multiple journeys, so keep an eye out for weekly passes or multiple-day offers.

    The Dutch North

    Discover Flanders

    The French South

    Discover Wallonia

    Beyond the borders

    Belgium is smaller than your average country, so we don't blame you if you feel the need to travel abroad, especially with so many famous tourist destinations nearby!

    Travel like a student

    Nature, culture and new experiences - there's a lot to see around Europe! The Official Travel Portal of Europe has destinations for all tastes and plenty of wonderful, lesser-known places to discover. It also has a section with welcome advice for your travels.

    • Sustainable and fast? Europe's high-speed railway system allows you to zoom into any major city of the European Union within hours! You can find seasonal offers and discounts for students and youth on Belgian Rail's European travel website.
    • Travel by bus is slower than by train, but also cheaper. Eurolines is the largest bus group in Europe and offers youth discounts and regular sales.
    • Low cost flights are the norm for the Brussels South Charleroi Airport. You will find that Ryanair launches a lot of affordable flights from this airport.

    When it comes to budget travel, it can be surprising which options are the cheapest. While planning your journey, try GoEuro and Rome2rio. They combine air, rail and road travel to give you the best prices and the fastest times.

    Before leaving Belgium, it would be a good idea to check what documents you need, as well as the up-to-date rules of travel on the European Commission's travel website.