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    General practitioners on campus in Etterbeek

    You can make an appointment with a general practitioner at the University general medical practice on the campus in Etterbeek.

    All information on the University general medical practice

    General practitioners near our campus in Jette

    You can make an appointment with a general practitioner at the group practice Patio near the Brussels Health Campus in Jette.

    All information on the group practice Patio (website in Dutch)

    General practitioners outside office hours

    Outside office hours, you can also contact the Brussels Guard Service for urgent home visits.

    More information on the Brussels Guard Service

    Dentists on campus

    Both the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus (Etterbeek) and the Brussels Health Campus (Jette) have a dental clinic.

    Dentist Fabienne Craninx

    Since 2020 you can find dentist Fabienne Craninx right along the campus in Etterbeek. She speaks fluent English, French and Dutch.


    Online appointment

    via DoctorAnytime

    Make an appointment
    Dentist on the campus in Etterbeek
    in the University general medical practice at Schoofslaan nr. 8

    Make an appointment by phone
    Monday till Friday: 9:00 - 12:30 & 14:00 - 17:00
    +32 2 897 19 50

    Consultations by appointment
    & charged at national health service price
    Dentist on the campus in Jette
    In the Dental Clinic of the University Hospital (UZ Brussel)

    Make an appointment by phone
    +32 2 477 49 20

    Consultations by appointment
    & charged at national health service price

    Psychological help

    If you are experiencing difficulties within your (study) life, you can find support both on and off campus.

    Student Psychologists at Study Guidance

    If you are experiencing a difficult time during your studies, you can talk to a Student Psychologist in confidence and for free. Here you can discover what a student psychologist can help you with and what you can expect from the guidance.

    Brussels University Consultation Centre (BRUCC)

    BRUCC is a centre for psychological counselling, training/education and research. Children and adults can contact BRUCC for individual counselling, systemic therapy (couples and families), group training and psychological assessment.

    • Here you can take a look at the support offer specifically for VUB students.
    • Here you can take a look at the support offer specifically for PhD students.

    Centre for General Wellbeing & Youth Advice Centre

    Across Flanders and Brussels, there are several centres for general wellbeing, named CAW (Dutch for: Centrum Algemeen Welzijn). All support you can get there is free. You can go there to talk in confidence to a psychologist, social worker and/or legal advisor. At first, you’ll be able to tell your story and ask your questions. Then, you can take a look together at what type of support you could benefit from. The team of CAW offers information, advice and psychosocial guidance. Further, CAW also offers crisis care and shelter.

    JAC (Dutch for: Jongeren Advies Centrum) is the youth department of CAW.

    • Younger than 25? Go the website of JAC.*
    • 25 or older? Go to the website of CAW.*

    *Although they also offer support in English, they only have a Dutch website!

    Centre for Mental Health Care

    CGG (Dutch for: Centrum Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg) offers specialized health care to people with severe psychological problems. Some examples are: depressive complaints, anxiety, behavioral problems, ADHD, autism, processing emotional problems, … You have to be referred to a CGG by a GP, the JAC/CAW or a student psychologist or on your own initiative. The CGG team consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and other specialists who can take a look at your guiding question from different perspectives. That way, every client gets a suitable treatment that consists of different elements: information, advice, psychosocial guidance, psychotherapy, psychodiagnostics and medical-psychiatric interventions.

    CGG are partially financed by the Flemish Government. That way, you can get help at a lower price rate.

    • Discover the website of CGG.*
    • Discover the website of CGG Brussels for students.*

    *Although they also offer support in English, they only have a Dutch website!

    Therapists for young people (TEJO)

    At TEJO, young people up to 20 years old can get free short-term therapy (max. 10 sessions). A professional therapist listens to your story and discusses with you in what way you can be best supported.

    • Find a TEJO-house nearby.

    *Although they also offer support in English, they only have a Dutch website.

    Short-term psychological counseling

    Every Belgian health insurance pays back partially a short-term treatment with a primary care psychologist. Make sure to check the financial compensation you can get with your health insurance.

    Still difficult to afford therapy? Read the information on the VUB Caroline Pauwels Relief Fund.


    This centre can guide and advise you in case of unplanned pregnancy.

    About VUB-Dilemma

    With an open mind VUB-Dilemma can help you find a suitable solution for your specific situation. After a pregnancy test, you will have a conversation with a counselor of the psycho-social team.

    They can help you in all cases of unplanned pregnancy; whether you decide to keep the baby, give it up for adoption or want to terminate the pregnancy.

    +32 2 629 23 40
    Waversesteenweg 1055, 1160 Brussel (next to campus Etterbeek)
    www.vub.ac.be/over/sjerp (Dutch)


    The Kinetiek physiotherapy group practice offers spine rehabilitation, (top) sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy for extremities. 

    More Information

    Kinetiek Website
    U-Residence (1st floor), Campus Etterbeek

    for Extremities
    +32 2 629 27 41

    for Spine
    +32 2 629 23 33


     As an individual, as a club, as a trainer or supervisor you are welcome in the Brussels Laboratorium voor Inspanning en TopSport (BLITS) for professional advice.

    What does BLITS do?

    The Brussels Laboratorium voor Inspanning en TopSport (BLITS) offers professional advice and exercise tests, sport-specific field tests and sports medicine examination for recreational and professional athletes.

    More Information

    BLITS Website
    U-Residence (1st floor), campus Etterbeek

    +32 2 629 22 22.


    Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel

    UZ Brussel is a hospital which has its values focusing on one single objective: to provide patients with the best possible care. Because your care is our care.

    The hospital is part of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and is thus a university hospital. This means that it also has a teaching mission and conducts scientific research.

    Next to their services in the hospital, they also offer specialised care on the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus.

    More Information

    UZ Brussel Website
    Brussel health campus - Laarbeeklaan 101 B-1090 Brussels

    +32 2 477 41 11


    On the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus (Etterbeek)

    The UZ Brussel offers specialised care services near campus Etterbeek: urology and endocrinology-diabetology-nephrology. Consultations will be held at the University medical practice on Schoofslaan 8.

    • Urology consultations: every Friday 2 PM and 6 PM. Make an appointment via the UZ Brussel website. Charged at the national health service price.
    • Endocrinology-diabetology-dietician-nephrology consultations: every two weeks on Thursday afternoon. Make an appointment by phone via 02 474 90 34.