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    The Green Impact project

    Green Impact is a program that translates sustainability into concrete and feasible actions at universities. The GreenTeam VUB got the idea for Green Impact from Great Britain, where it was developed 10 years ago by the National Union of Students (NUS). It is now successfully used by more than 450 organizations.

    Action plan for more sustainability

    Green Impact is a comprehensive action plan to integrate sustainability in your team, department or department. An online workbook bundles more than 140 concrete actions towards more sustainability, divided by theme: mobility, energy and water, food, material flows, social themes, education and the own team organization.

    The VUB Green Impact teams form an (amicable) competition for maximum integration of sustainability. Every action that is completed earns points and every Green Impact team can consult its score online. These points result at the end of the academic year, after an evaluation by VUB students trained by Students Organizing for Sustainability International (SOS), in a bronze, silver, gold or platinum award. The 2018-2019 edition delivered 237 actions, resulting in no less than 7 bronze medals, 2 silver and 2 gold! Well done!

    Flower meadow

    In 2014, some volunteers helped with the realization of a flower meadow. The meadow is located at campus Etterbeek behind the housing office, between the yellow and red student houses. In the summer of 2016, volunteers also placed an insect hotel. The biodiversity at campus Etterbeek is rather unique. Did you know that beside the flower meadow you can also come across mice, nightingales, geese, squirrels and even foxes? Besides that, you can find rare plant and bird species! In 2018, a new moth species for the Benelux has been discovered on Campus Etterbeek!


    This initiative, linked to the Jane Goodall foundation, gave the start for the initiative of teracycle. Used ballpoints and markers are being collected, recycled and afterwards sent to countries in the Global South. So, don’t throw your ballpoints away! Leave them in the teracycle boxes at the library, Crazy Copy Center and Student Information. During the exams you can also find these boxes in the group study spaces.

    Greenteam student team!

    The GreenTeam exists of motivated students who join forces with the sustainability core group at the VUB. The team is part of a larger European network: the green office movement.

    Who is who?

    Alison Lahaye, master student in Clinical Biological Psychology, joined Green Team in her third year at VUB. Sustainable living is one of her biggest interest and in her spare time she often goes to lectures about diverse ecological topics. She tries to incorporate all the knowledge she gains into her lifestyle.

    Nicky Van Kerrebroeck is a bachelor student Art and Archaeology who strongly believes in the power of culture in/for/with social change. After being immersed in Latin-American language and culture, she feels it's time to link her experiences to sustainable engagement.

    Milan Calloens, master student of International and European Law, wants to inspire and encourage young people to live sustainably, but believes that the government should take the lead in making sustainable alternatives affordable. You might meet him sometime on a night train through Europe or on his bike in Brussels. He likes to cook vegetarian or vegan with his friends and is addicted to (spicy) hummus!

    Joyaditya Saha is a master student in Molecular Biology who is highly motivated in making the world a more sustainable place. He believes in leading by example and thus, tries to live a sustainable lifestyle himself. He is always open to sustainability-oriented ideas or suggestions. 

    Brecht Van Der Schueren came to VUB for the master in urban studies, after his History studies in Ghent. He is passionate about educating (in) the city. As part of the Green Team, he will try to bring the different Green Offices around the world closer together.

    Hannah Der Cauter started her Green Team career as a freelancer. She helped out at some events in the past and wanted to play a bigger role and be part of the team. After finishing her master in social and cultural sciences (agogische wetenschappen), Hannah is now studying business management. She loves plants (even though she’s not that good at keeping them alive yet) and secondhand clothes. She will translate these passions into planning sustainable and ecological actions to keep the VUB campus thriving.

    Join the VUB Greenteam

    You want to help build a sustainable university but you don't really know how? As a volunteer you assist the GreenTeam and the VUB environmental service to manage specific projects. You operate as their eyes and ears. Fill in this form to join forces with the team. You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram or join the volunteers Facebook group.

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