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    Green Impact Project

    The VUB wants to put sustainability ahead. In the 2016 sustainability forum, both students and staff made clear that this should be structurally integrated in the university. The Green Impact Project is part of the VUB’s sustainability goals and makes concrete how you can act.


    Green Impact, awarded a UNESCO Award for groundbreaking work on sustainability and behavioural change, has been developed by the British National Union of Students (NUS) over the last decade, and is now growing internationally, including at the VUB. An additional asset is that the project is in Dutch and English!

    The project has already been used by more than 400 organizations and 20,000 people as a model for bottom-up change. Making a sustainable change happen is not something that can only be achieved from above but must also be translated on the daily work floor. This way, sustainability becomes very tangible, and the sustainability of the VUB is a viable goal!

    All teams participating in the previous editions considered the program valuable and relevant. Let's continue this enthusiasm in the up & coming fifth edition and make as many teams as possible to make a positive change!


    Staff members meet in teams based on faculty, background or common areas of work. As a staff member, you can sign up your department, with colleagues.

    The GreenTeam built an online toolkit with over 140 concrete actions of which, one third can be implemented in the home working environment. By completing these actions, one makes their immediate environment greener! The toolkit is packed with examples, but also leaves space for personal input and creative ideas. Thus, you can transform sustainable ideals into practice and this in cooperation with colleagues and students. Based on the number of actions you accomplish during the year, your team will receive a bronze, silver, gold or platinum medal at the end of the year, as a thank you for the engagement.

    The GreenTeam supports you from the start and through the process. We try to keep all consultation and training moments short and powerful. Throughout the academic year, a number of moments are provided to get together and to walk through Green Impact. It’s up to you to decide how much time you spend on the project and how often you meet with your team. Even a couple of hours a month can already make a difference!


    Want to participate in the Green Impact Project? Find all the necessary information here.


    Are you interested in starting the Green Impact Project in your department / service / department / team? Do you have questions? Please contact the GreenTeam. We will help you get started.

    Feel free to invite us to explain Green Impact at your team meeting and immediately get colleagues on board. Or come to one of our many activities throughout the academic year and get acquainted with the many possibilities.

    Green Impact Toolkit at the VUB

    The GreenTeam built an online toolkit with more than 140 concrete actions to make your immediate (work and home) environment greener. You can take a no-obligation look with the following information:

    Or register right away on the toolkit page! The VUB code to register as a new team member or as a new team is 148.

    Good luck and see you soon!

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