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    The main task is the development of the programme and curriculum. They do this with the VUB vision on education in mind.

    Student representative

    Become a student representative

    Interested in joining the Study Programme Committee or Faculty Council?

    Become a representative for your programme

    At the start of each academic year you can apply through the student portal to join the committee of your programme.

    The Student Council will appoint the student representatives based on a proposal of the Chairman of each study programme committee. Those candidates not appointed as student representatives will be appointed as successors.

    Become a representative for your faculty

    Interested students can apply online in the second semester of the academic year.

    After the candidacy period the student council appoints the members. If there are more candidates than mandates, the student council will ask the dean for a proposition. 

    Candidates that are not appointed as student representatives are appointed as substitutes.

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