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    The main task is the development of the programme and curriculum. They do this with the VUB vision on education in mind.

    Student representative

    Become a student representative

    Interested in joining the Study Programme Committee or Faculty Council?

    As a representative in the faculty council or committee of your programme, you help the university to get better. Not only that, it’s also a great learning opportunity and interesting experience, which will definitely come to use in your professional life: taking part in meeting, debating, working together as a team, learning how a university works, and so much more. It’s a nice way to meet some new people as well.

    What to expect?

    As a student representative, it’s important to be present and take actively part in the meetings. The programme committees meet at least twice a year and most of the time, once a month at most. The faculty councils meet at least 4 times a year. A meeting is usually 2 hours long.

    Some concrete tasks:

    • Prepare for the meeting (check the agenda and useful documents)
    • Add topics to the agenda yourself
    • What’s your personal opinion on the topics? If necessary, reach an agreement on the students opinion with your fellow student representatives
    • Take part in discussions and be the voice of students
    • Get back to the students

    How to apply?

    The faculties organize the recruitment of student representatives in the study programme committee and faculty council. Are you interested and do you want to know which steps to take to become a student representative? Contact the head of the Study programme committee for more information, or the faculty secretariat for information on the faculty council.

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