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    Experience Marketing

    A fancy bullshit term for something that actually works: go to your (fellow) student and give them a taste of your organisation.

    A lot of digital communication confirms ‘real-life’ networks instead of transcending them.

    The paradox of the digital age

    Face-to-face communication works. In these times of digital overload, personal contact really makes a difference.

    While it might seem a little strange in our digital era to promote talking from person to person as a communication strategy, it's actually quite logical. A great deal of successful digital communication builds further on real networks: personal relationships between people. Moreover, many social media have a network-confirming effect. You don't spontaneously reach new people through your Facebook event or Instagram post. Without extra (paying) marketing options, you're only informing your current followers.

    Never before have we had so many opportunities to communicate immediately and directly through all kinds of digital channels. The more the digital information flows fill up, the bigger the difference you make by simply walking up to people and starting a conversation.

    By being actively present at events, you can speak to new students.

    Building a 'real-life' network

    Building up a network is essential for your communication as a (student) organisation. But don't just think digitally by focusing on social media and mailing lists. Go for face-to-face interaction as well. The VUB student events are a great opportunity to step outside your network and tell people who you are and what you do, for and by students.

    Tell your fellow student who you are and what you do.

    Go to your (fellow) student

    We recommend (student) organisations to start approaching their (fellow) students in person: in class, at the auditorium, on the esplanade, in the student restaurant. Or at large VUB events.

    Student associations are key to the student network on our campuses. That's why we want to offer VUB students a 'real-life' forum, a chance to participate in larger VUB student events. Our goal is to promote general contact between students. It gives students who take part in the event a chance to discover the many student initiatives at the VUB.

    We're thinking of the Kick Off, St-Vé, WeKonekt, de Warmste Week. Don't miss out. The more VUB organisations or VUB services that participate, the greater the event's value.


    The Kick Off info market is the ideal networking moment at the start of the academic year. Introduce your student service or student organisation to others at your own fun and creative stand.

    Discover what the VUB has to offer

    What is the Kick Off?

    Kick Off the Campus is the collective name for all the welcoming activities at the start of the academic year. We welcome students (back) on campus and help them to know - a little better - what's on offer at the VUB. It's all done in a fun and festive way.

    The focus of the info market is on discovering the student organisations, the services and the variety of activities in an informal atmosphere. It's an event we all make together!

    Make sure your organisation or service is there!

    Why is this of interest to your organisation or service?

    Flyers, posters, video screens, social media, news, etc. You can also be take part in the huge promotional race at the VUB. But does it really have such a big impact?

    It provides the ideal opportunity to introduce yourself face-to-face to (new) students, with a chat, a snack and a beer or two. Personal contact is still proving its worth. During the Kick Off, we bring all the students together. It's the perfect opportunity to speak with them at a great-looking stall or fun activity.

    Be quick and reserve your spot via the form below

    How do you go about it?

    Reserve your spot at the event by filling out the form below, and don't forget to request the material you need. Deck out a fun stall with a snack or a drink, an original activity or a creative gadget. Make your stand worthwhile to visit! It's your chance to explain who you are and what you do.

    For student organisations in particular, it's a great opportunity to reach a lot of students at one single event.

    Your organisation or service at the Kick Off

    A food stall, interactive stand or activity?

    Request your stand or activity now
    Be inventive and go for gold with your stand

    What's new?

    The Student Information Hub is the point of contact for the internal stallholders: the VUB services and student organisations. Enter your best stall in the competition and win one of the great prizes for standholders: the most student-friendly VUB service, the best-looking stall, the best-tasting snack and the best-dressed décor!

    There is only one big event left to bring all VUB students together, with party buses from Jette. With the Esplanade as the new location and with the times extended until the afternoon hours, it now has an even bigger reach among students.

    The organisation is still in the hands of Marcom, which will continue as the contact point for external partners and sponsors.

    Practical information

    Thursday, 4 October 2018, 12:00-20:00, Esplanade Brussels Humanities, Sciences and Engineering (aka 'Etterbeek'). Party shuttles from Jette.


    • 07:00-09:00: event set-up by organisation
    • 09:00-11:30: stand set-up by stallholders
    • 12:00-18:00: info market
    • 18:00-20:00: VUB After Work
    • 20:00-22:00: event breakdown


    At the Brussels Humanities, Sciences and Engineering Campus, you can participate in 'experience marketing’ all year round through the so-called Esplanade activities. On the Esplanade, in building D or in the restaurant.

    All year round

    Those wanting to organise an event on campus need approval from Infradesk. They manage all on-campus activities. For smaller activities, however, there is a fast-track procedure through Infopunt. You can ask for permission to set up a stand, distribute flyers or organise a small activity in an area where most students pass by: the Esplanade, building D or the student restaurant during lunch break. Organisations and services, but also individual students, can apply.

    It's always a good idea to step up to your fellow students for a chat. The Esplanade activities let you do this all year round, also outside the big events.

    Your stand on the Esplanade, in building D or the restaurant?

    Organisations, services or individual students can use the accelerated procedure via the Student Information Hub.

    To the Esplanade activities