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    Written exams on campus

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    Studying together from a distance

    On 1 June we are starting quite an unusual exam period. In January you might have studied with your peers at one of the many study spaces provided by VUB. Due to the current situation, this 'group study' cannot take place, but that doesn't mean you can't still study 'together'!

    Other Study Spaces

    In need of a study spot? Take a look at these study spaces around the city. Keep in mind these are not run by VUB.

    Brik Study Spaces

    Study Spaces on Campus

    There are a few study spaces available on campus for students who really need them.

    VUB Study Spaces

    Online Study Spaces

    Even from a distance, you can meet up with fellow students to create a supportive study group!

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    You can read everything you need to know to return to campus safely on this page.

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